We are a ska band that is all about having fun and loving music while we do it.


We are a christian ska band from miami, OK. our biggest influence is Five Iron Frenzy along with various other bands and styles of music. We are all about having fun on stage and love playing. To us it's not about the money. It's about the music.



Written By: GODSgEEKS

Pop Rox Luv

i meet her in the second grade
she smelled a sweet a lemonade
oh and she held my hand
she always told me i would be her man
we used to watch to much t.v.
our favorite show was 3's company
and one time in our favorite tree
we got close enough and she kissed me

and we were in love, oh
we were in love,
we were in love.

our pop rox luv, oh ahoh
our pop rox luv, oh ahoh
i'll remember you!
oh ahoh
our pop rox luv

riding our bikes we were the raddest pair
oh, all the orange push pops we would share
and we would play ghostbusters in the park
mom wouldn't let us stay after dark
we would play out in the pouring rain
one time i slipped and got a real bad sprain(you geek!)
her smile was bright and it was warm as the sun
and when we played he-man, well, she always won



Written By: GODSgEEKS

M.O.M (Mother of Mine)

when the sun came up
that morning on the new year
you had a brand new son
i heard the doctors cheered(yeah)
you took me home that day
you held me in your arms
and i was there to stay
you'd keep me safe from harm

but little did you know
your baby boy would grow so fast
and he would write a song
to remind you of you past

i love you mom
you are the bomb
i wrote this song
for my mom 2x(i explained this earlier if you were paying attention.)

remember the blue house?
the one on seventh street
my how you got so mad
cause i never wiped my feet
and when i came inside
with a busted knee
you'd help me bandage it
then on my forhead you would kiss me

i never told you how,
how much you ment to me
and i am hoping now
that it is plan to see


remember that one gurl?
our luv would never end
but then when my heart broke
you knew just how to mend

you were always there
to pick up all the peices
i know you heart's so big
your love for me,
it never sieces


and when i peirced my lip
at kholter's grandma's house
you said it wasn't hip
so i took the safety pin out

i love you mom
you are the bomb
i wrote this song
for my mom (4x) thank you mom!


we have a demo we just finished up, but have not released a cd.

Set List

Pop Rox
Jeremys Parable
Destined to be the same
Unhappy Holidays
Mats Pants
Chicks dont Dig us
Fire Truck
We have more songs, Alot more. that is a usuall set list if we were headlining a show. we generally play from around 30 mins to an 1 1/2 hours. we have a couple of covers we sometimes throw into a set just for fun.