Gods Gravy
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Gods Gravy

Santa Cruz, California, United States

Santa Cruz, California, United States
Band Rock Funk


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Gods Gravy has recorded a fair amount, most of it for their own practice and improvement. Everything they have released can be found on the website:


or the SoundCloud profile:




Gods Gravy formed in 2009 because of their mutual love of funk and rock music. After playing a few parties and writing some original songs, they quickly realized that we had started to carve out a genre-bending sound that shines in their live shows.

When they perform live, they mix in improvisational jams that can go from funky to spacey at the drop of a beat. In these sets they feed off the energy of the crowd to make it the best experience for everyone involved. They don't perform FOR an audience, but WITH them.

They are frequently asked about the name "Gods Gravy." What does it mean? How did they come up with it? Are they Christian Rock? (no!) The easy explanation is that it was born after a few evenings (with many spliffs) of brainstorming in the living room. But this clever alliteration soon began to take on a new meaning as they began to discover our sound:

"Gods Gravy is all about boundary dissolution. The boundary between you and the music, the boundary between the imagined classifications known as genres, the boundaries between you as a living breathing human being and the electronic impulses that are traveling into your ears, through your brain, and somehow forcing something we call “you” to move its body in rhythmic pulses that defy our strict social split between mind and body. When you hear Gods Gravy your body moves without your conscious self asking it to. Yet if you let your body move you, the boundary is dissolved and real fluid ecstatic motion can occur. The past and the future are seen as the imaginary tools that they are, and the richness of the present takes its place as the gravy that connects all things."
-Luke Greenwood, www.godsgravy.com/words/

The goal is to tap into the "gravy" that connects us all through music, especially in a live situation. They want each member of the audience to move in which ever way they move best, to mix their gravy with the band's, cause when that happens, its always tastier...