God's Hitmann

God's Hitmann

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Rap on the edge. A new sound with a new message. Tired of the same old thing everytime you hear rap? Check this out and hear the differnce!


God's Hitmann was born and raised in Los Angeles and later moved to Colorado during high school. His influences from a young age were California legends such as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Tupac. As he got older, his beliefs and his taste in music began to cause an internal conflict. He loved the sound and feel of rap but was tired of hearing the same negative message. He tried turning to Christian rap alternatives but could not find any asrtists who he felt had the same quality of music as that of their secular counterparts. After years of fruitlessly searching for an alternative he decided that maybe there was an opportunity in the rap industry for a rapper who brought a positive message but still mantained the street sound and good quality of secular music. That is what he set out to accomplish and continues to pursue to this day.


Album: Hit and Runn
Year: 2007
Tracks: 14
Independant distribution

Set List

Gangsta Story
Hit and Runn
True Real Pure
2 to 1
In or Out
I'm Ready
Ride 2 Tha Beat