God's MC

God's MC

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I am a MC....AN mc for God...Rappin for a higher purpose Than the mainstreamers...Rap is somethin i love and love to have fun with but I refuse to be somethin other than real!! Stayin true to who am in GOd and nothin else!!


My name is Michael Anthony Dee Jr. I was born in Greenville Ms. I am currently in Tulsa Ok. I just started really trying to rap and getting my stuff out there recently. I've been rapping since like 17 or 18. I think 20 or 21 i realized that i should try 2 do 4 god. Try 2 save lost souls and bring them to the kingdom of god With Me. My rap name is God's MC cause IM rappin for him and i will be his Mc. I'm tryin to get in touch with some people so i can get out there....So if you like what you here and want to work with me on somethings Get at Me!!' My email: Mjaws114@yahoo.com My cell number: 918-277-9352 contact me if you want me 2 perform or want me 2 help out with anything..I'm here to do what i can so call me or write me..


I have 5 original songs. No Eps yet but very soon.

Set List

1 Devoted
2. Breathe
3. Forget About
4. Look at me
5. Truth