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The best kept secret in music


"About.com show review"

An Appropriate Opener
The evening opened, appropriately enough, by a performance from that rarest of breeds, an American power metal band. Sporting a variety of costumes and stage names like DJ Blood Sacrifice and Saucy Jack, The Gods of Fire ripped out a 45 minute set to open things up, setting the tone for the competition later in the evening. With a style that speaks of a heavy Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influence, the music of the Gods features five-minute-long alternating guitar interludes, a singer who can actually sing – not just simply push out the unintelligible screams and howls used by so metal vocalists these days – and songs about science fiction, historical events and the glories of heavy metal. For an evening that was all about pushing over-the-top performances to the next level, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect opener. - The New York Times

"Metal Crypt - Wrath of the Gods review"

Gods of Fire are the poster child for the expression "never judge a book by its cover" (and variations.) With a producer having some crappy bands in his portfolio, and kind of goofy-looking photos, I was expecting this to be some kind of nu-metal band or something. Well did I ever get my ass kicked when I put this in the CD player. If I had to compare this to anything, I'd have to say mid-80s epic Iron Maiden but with a more "modern" sound. In fact, if you had Steve Harris' bass signature sound and Dickinson on vocals, this could almost pass as a Maiden album (and arguably better than what they've released after 7th Son.) Not that this band rips off Maiden, but there are a lot of similarities. The epic feel, the guitar playing (some of the solos scream Maiden, not to mention the galloping riffs), and no-nonsense lyrics. The singer has his own style but also hints at some Dickinson and Geoff Tate influences, to name only those. He does a great job overall, although I found the vocals a bit too over the top here and there - not to the point of ruining the album of course, but just enough to put a question mark on one's face during a couple of songs.

Without really going into a progressive style, there's quite a bit going on here and one can spend quite a busy afternoon dissecting it all. The album turns even more interesting when you focus on the lyrics, inspired by novels, poems and even some obscure video game in the case of album opener "Welcome to Hell". "The Long Walk", with a running length of almost 10 minutes, is inspired by a Stephen King novel (the inspiration for each song is described in the booklet.) It's not often that you see such a perfect harmony between music, vocals and lyrical contents. The only exception is "Nectar of the Gods" which is described as "a battle cry for saving metal" - this is really the most lighthearted song on here and even then it's not as cliché as your typical metal hymn. If anything I'd have to say these guys are top-notch storytellers.

This is something that ought to please almost any classic heavy metal fan. Strangely, it seems the album is only available through the band's web site. This is kind of a shame since this might prevent this little gem from getting into more hands. Head to www.gods-of-fire.com if this is your cup of tea. Highly recommended. - Metal Crypt

"Sea of Tranquility album review 4.5/5"

Now that I know the New York City quintet Gods of Fire augments its live shows with costume changes, epic imagery and female dancers and backup singers called the Fire-ettes, I can so picture that while listening to Wrath of the Gods, the band's startlingly impressive debut of raw, gritty and pure American metal. These guys dared to call themselves names like Saucy Jack (guitars), Prometheus (vocals) and DJ Blood Sacrifice (guitars and keys); commanded the attention of heavy-duty producer Wharton Tiers (Helmet, White Zombie); wrote songs based on Stephen King and Dan Simmons novels (The Long Walk, Hyperion) and Percy Bysshe Shelley's epic poems ("Prometheus Unbound"); and recorded a bunch of heavy, fun, melodic and intoxicating songs with such titles as “Welcome to Hell” and “Nectar of the Gods.” What crazy fuckers! - Sea of Tranquility

"Block Magazine Fashion Show Live Review"

The Gods made heavy metal (and designer clothes) and they saw that it was good.

When Manowar sang "The Gods made heavy metal," I doubt they were referring to Gods of Fire. But in their performance at the Block Magazine Rock and Roll Fashion Show, this band did live up to the promise to play it "louder than Hell!" Although I had no idea who these guys were, they turned out to be the perfect complement to the fashion being displayed on the runway. Normally, I really wouldn't get into the whole theatrical metal thing – makeup, vinyl pants, etc. – but this was different somehow. I think I enjoyed watching them more than the models, who walked the runway as the band performed.

The clothing featured was from various Brooklyn designers and covered a wide range of fashion territory: from t-shirts to swimwear. Clearly all those involved were talented and inventive. I liked a lot of what I saw.

Like concept cars at an auto show, there were also many pieces that I assume were intended to showcase the designers' talent and not clothe the general population. Among these, I particularly liked the dress made from vintage Star Wars bed sheets. I had a set of these back in the day... who knew they could become fashion? The "shirts," which I believe were made from metal and mirror pieces, were definitely interesting... although they amounted to little more than a necklace in terms of coverage. Recommended only for wearing in the warmest days of summer!

There's no doubt that the free Grey Goose Vodka hour was a draw for many, but the club was packed wall-to-wall almost as soon as the doors opened and everyone appeared to be having an excellent time.

All in all, it was a fun evening. And I just might go check out Gods of Fire again sometime. - Block Magazine

"Unstoppable Force album review 9/10"

Track One: Welcome To Hell
Soaring vocals and melodic heavy guitar reign supreme with opening track “Welcome…”. The chorus here is VERY catchy; one listen to this one and you’re singing along. The guitar work of DJ Blood Sacrifice and Saucy Jack is outstanding….epic, melodic, and awesome!! The vocals of Prometheus are soaring and melodic, reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson meets Dio. The keyboards add a nice atmospheric touch, compliments of DJ Blood Sacrifice. The drum and bass needed a little more volume, but they are tight and in time together, compliments of Fra Diavolo and Doctor Time respectively. The lyrics reflect on the “Silent Hill” video game series, which was cool. A good album opener which leaves the listener wanting more.

Track Two: City Of Gold
A tribute to the 1972 masterpiece “Aguirre, The Wraith Of God” by Werner Herzog, “City…” shows how GODS OF FIRE can really entice its audience. I am unfamiliar with this story, however after listening to this song and reading the lyrics, I am intrigued to read up on this masterpiece. This particularly reminds me of the way Iron Maiden creates factual-based songs on stories and history AND maintains to keep things interesting. GODS OF FIRE have done just that. Opening with some beautiful acoustic guitar, this song only then launches into a fast and furious metal frenzy. Once more, the chorus is very catchy and the melodies are outstanding. Prometheus really shines through on his vocal capabilities here. An absolutely AWESOME guitar melody is played after the second verse, which is very reminiscent of Iron Maiden’s Powerslave era.

Track Three: Hyperion
Opening with some killer guitar work, “Hyperion” waists no time bringing on the metal! Complete with a catchy chorus and tight musicianship, this song really stands out. Based on the Dan Simmons’ novel of the same name, “Hyperion” tells the story of a man who is growing younger through time, rather than older. DJ Blood Sacrifice and Saucy Jack really shine through on their guitar parts, reminiscent of Iron Maiden at times. The mixture of melodic and aggressive vocals with harmonic guitar really adds a cutting edge for GODS OF FIRE, which is a nice break from all the similar sounding bands today.

Track Four: The Long Walk
Drawing influences, once again, based on the events in a novel, Gods of Fire deliver a powerful and emotional song in “The Long Walk”. Written by Steven King, “The Long…” is a story about a soldier’s struggles through the war he is fighting in. This song begins with some slow, acoustic guitar and some chugging electric. This paints a picture of a marching soldier. After the first verse is sung, the pace quickens led by a single guitar riff, which is then joined by heavy melody. The keyboard adds great atmosphere. This song really demands some serious head banging! The chorus is memorable and catchy (as I have come to anticipate from this band now). The duel guitar break at the 5 and a half-minute mark is awesome!!! Elements of Helloween and Iron Maiden can be hears here. Some melodic high screams accompany the ending guitar solos. The song winds itself down with some more solos and a killer scream reminiscent of Rob Halford.

Track Five: Digital Neon
Keeping a steady pace, “Digital Neon” opens with mid-paced guitar, which is shortly followed by melodic vocals. Once more, Prometheus shows his broad vocal range, belting out some high pitched screams and some aggressive vocal melodies as well. The chorus has some great guitar licks and is nicely executed by additional backing vocals by the other band members. This is an emotional song and really kicks ass. The drum and guitar work really quicken after the second verse, and the overall heaviness of the song increases.

Track Six: Eternally Strong
This song is full of intrigue and melody…here’s why: “Eternally…” is loosely based on the true story of Ray Brent Marsh, who believed he was the main character in H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”. Combine this idea with heavy, chugging and melodic guitar, passionate vocals, and killer effects and you have one hell of an interesting song. The musicianship here really shines through. The rhythm demands constant head banging and the vocals are sung in killer melody and time.

Track Seven: Nectar Of The Gods
A killer Iron Maiden like guitar melody opens “Nectar…”, which immediately leads into chugging heavy guitar and the first verse. This song proclaims metal with its battlecry!! The chorus is sing-along with catchy guitar hooks. Prometheus hits some killer high notes during the chorus. The duel guitar solos after the second verse are incredible (thanks DJ and Saucy!). Put on the studded leather gauntlets, the denim, and the leather and BANG THAT HEAD. We’ll rule the world again!!

Track Eight: Prometheus Unbound
Deemed as the official set-closer for GODS OF FIRE is “Prometheus…”. Some cool guitar opens the track with closely followed drums. The beat seems to slowly quicken, getting attention and adrenaline pumping a bit. The chorus KICKS ASS, as does the guitar melodies played along to it. If this doesn’t get you off your ass, nothing will. The vocals are executed with aggression, melody, and power. The guitars are amazing, and the drum & bass stay in close beat to each other. This is a heavy song with all great elements. Too bad this is the last song….I wanted more!

Check out GODS OF FIRE…..they kick ass, and based on their website, put on aa KILLER live show. I can see this band going far…they just need more recognition. Hail GODS OF FIRE…and fear the WRATH OF THE GODS!!!

RATING: 9 of 10 - Unstoppable Force

"Live4Metal - Wrath of the Gods review"

Gods of Fire is a 5-piece out of New York City that plays metal in the Iron Maiden meets Metallica meets Helloween meets Lizzy Borden style. The band consists of (and I’m not making this up…): DJ Blood Sacrifice and Saucy Jack on guitars, Doctor Time on bass, Prometheus on vocals, and Fra Diavolo on drums. On first listen, I thought this was a CD recorded in one of the band members’ basements with no budget, and I was ready to give them a pat on the back for a pretty good recording effort. Upon reading the bio that came with the CD a bit later, I found that the band actually recorded at Fun City studios, operated by Wharton Tiers (Helmet, Biohazard, White Zombie). Tiers produced the disc
also. The band says "The combination of Wharton’s raw gritty production style and the Gods of Fire’s epic and melodic metal proved to be a successful experiment, exceeding the expectation of all involved." Either their expectations weren’t too high, or they are taking a cue from Metallica and using the old "No, we meant for it to sound that way…seriously!" approach simply because it’s done and there was no way to re-do it. Summing it up, sound quality would have been a B+ if this were a basement recording, but gets a C- for a semi-pro effort. That being said, I’ve listened to the CD about five times now, and I really like it. The songs are catchy and played with conviction, and have some really cool elements to them. Just when you think you’ve heard enough of the riff, it changes up and goes somewhere unexpected. Usually after a few listens, there are a few songs that I tend to skip over, but that doesn’t happen on this disc. As for the band, Prometheus (I swear they used these names in the CD jacket) has some really cool vocals going on, with some great harmony elements, but does get a bit strained on some of the higher parts. Also, his vocals are so dry that they are almost annoying at times. Not his fault, though, he does a great job of delivering the goods. I’m not sure which of the guitarists plays most of the leads, but they do a solid job even though a few times they should have taken one more pass, as there are some missed notes and sloppy parts. Again, passable if this was simply a demo effort. Very few parts are missed though, and the duo’s creativeness makes up for any shortcomings. Drums and bass appear to lay down a pretty solid foundation together, but the mix does them no justice, having little to no bottom end. Fra plays some killer fills that fit in perfect with where the song is going. All in all, I liked this disc a lot, although it will get little playing time simply because the whole time I’m listening to it I’m wondering what it would be like with a really good mix. I hope they go elsewhere for their next CD and find someone to really do them justice, because these guys have tremendous potential. - Live 4 Metal

"Metal Observer album review 7/10"

I can’t help myself but wonder why some bands are still so fascinated with the 80’s. For sure, these years bring their bunch of influences, but still, as good as those years were, they are in the past for good now. Americans GODS OF FIRE brings us “Wrath Of The Gods”, a true tribute to bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and even JAG PANZER. Long songs await the listener, which will embark on a journey through different stories, narrated in mid-paced guitar oriented songs. In fact, not a single song is above 5 minutes of length, although it never gets dreary or dull. The band kept a high level of song writing, although the songs may sound straightforward sometimes, following a typical verse-verse-chorus-verse-verse-solo-chorus template. Lyrically, the band founds its inspiration in such stories as Dan Simmon’s “Hyperion”, Stephen King and also some old poems.

As I said, the music is heavily guitar oriented. From slow paced riffs to speedy solos, intertwined with tasty dual guitar attacks, the already renowned gallop like IRON MAIDEN sound will make you head bang to death. My main complaint comes from the vocals. They are not bad in any way, it just feels like they are out of tune too often or that the singer doesn’t really know what to sing over the music, staying in a comfortable range, which makes the melodies sound flat. The overall sound of the band is not bad at all for an underground production, although the vocals would have benefited from a better treatment, as they often sound too monotonous.

I always like it when a band throws some surprises into their music, a little something that will change the pace of a song or will impress by its unpredictable character. Song 6, “Eternally Strong”, is a perfect example, as it finds the band throwing some tasty Death vocals harmony over the clean lead vocals. It shows that music, even if it sounds like old songs of the past, can have a modern flavour, without sounding too far like the influences the band wants to transpire. It is just sad we had to wait for the 6th song to get to this point. I would have like to hear more of these kinds of elements in GODS OF FIRE’s music. It would have shown a desire to stay out of the bunch, while still playing the music they love.

Fans of modern bands that pay tribute to the masters will certainly appreciate the efforts of GODS OF FIRE. (Online April 8, 2005) - Metal Observer


Wrath of the Gods - Black Thirteen Records - 2005

Emphasis tracks - Hyperion, Nectar of the Gods


Feeling a bit camera shy


The band formed in NYC in 2002. The idea was to bring back an old school rock show to the club stage. The music combines operatic vocals, anthemic sing-along choruses and dual guitar leads. The key element of the band is fun, and have employed everything from scantily clad backup singers known as "Fire-ettes" to guest appearances by the lord Satan himself.

In late 2004 the band recorded their debut album with Wharton Tiers at Fun City, NYC. It has gone on to receive critical acclaim, brisk sales, and college radio airplay.

The band has played many shows with the Original Punk Metal Karaoke band at Arlene Grocery and the Continental. They have also opened for many legendary Metal acts, and played some very unique shows. These include playing on the catwalk at a professional fashion show and being the special musical guests for the 2006 US Air Guitar championships at the Knitting Factory, NYC.

In August 2006, Gods of Fire will be performing live on stage as the backup band in "Air Guitar the Musical" appearing at the Fringe Festival in NYC.