God's Own Drunk

God's Own Drunk


Can music be both defiant and mystical? Both cerebral and sensual? Both powerful and uplifting? Intoxicating and illuminating? Enter God's Own Drunk. The words and cries of the sad eyed prophet and the sound of the millenial tempest. Let your ear taste our songs.


God’s Own Drunk was born out of a mutual love for the power of rock music and life-long friendships. Singer/Songwriter David Wesson met drummer John Marcato in kindergarten. Ever since, they have maintained a challenging, lovingly antagonistic relationship. Guitarist Seth Freeman entered the scene at 13, and immediately became the Buddha of their friendships, uniting Wesson and Marcato in their passion for music and disdain for the soulless suburban culture in which they were embedded. The three went their separate ways after High School, playing in many diverse musical acts and all found themselves back in Boston a few years ago. Freeman and Wesson began jamming just for fun, and what was a light-hearted project evolved into a deep songwriting collaboration. When the rock factor was needed, there was no one to call but the hard-hitting Marcato. Hence, God’s Own Drunk was born. Soon, the young and inspired Robb Edinburg arrived on the scene to give the whole band a kick in the ass. The foursome have connected to create an electrifying blend of powerful rock music reminiscent of Jane’s Addiction, with the melodic sensibility of The Verve, and with a tinge the dark blues of The Doors. Wesson’s fearless lyrics examine and test the boundaries of both the inner and the outer worlds. The songs, rooting themselves in simple formulas, cause the listener to become both introspective and emotionally moved.


Full Length Album - Wake the Dawn

Tracks to Stream:

Some Have Been Lost
Season's Change

Set List

Dynamic set of original and select covers. Typical set - 1 Hour.