God's Pottery

God's Pottery


God's Pottery is a fake Christian acoustic duo that performs entirely in character. Gideon Lamb and Jeremiah Smallchild sing songs for "Today's Youth," and what people love about them is that they manage to be both irreverant and non-offensive. Most importantly, they are funny as Hell (Heaven?).


One thing that sets God's Pottery apart from other comedy bands is that they perform in completely in character--deep character. And yet while anyone who sees the show knows it's fake, they still enjoy the ride all the same. GP makes sure that they're songs are successful both musically and comedically, so that they could stand on their own as either. It's two-person character comedy through the lens of religion, and people love it.


God's Pottery has two songs on the "Invite Them Up!" compilation by Comedy Central Records. They will have an EP being released shortly by Comedy Central Records as well. Many songs are available streaming on both the website (www.godspottery.com) and myspace (www.myspace.com/godspottery)

Set List

A Brand New Start with Christ
I'm Different
The Pants Come off When the Right Goes On
Stained Glass
You're Just as Special as a Normal Child (The Adoption Song)
Christmas Is about the Presence
Jesus I Need a Drink

Our show typical will last 45-50 minutes, depending on how many bits we do aside from our typical song lineup. We do not perform covers.