God's Pottery

God's Pottery


A heavily ironic faux Christian acoustic musical duo with 2 performers never breaking character as earnest and flawed but ultimately winning guys. A diverse fan base ranging from devout to atheist built through TV (NBC's Last Comic Standing), the Internet, and international touring.


Formed in 2003, the faux Christian acoustic duo God’s Pottery quickly rose to prominence in the New York City alternative comedy scene and beyond. They were included on Comedy Central’s Invite Them Up! CD/DVD of 2005, and have appeared on The World Stands Up (BBC), Comedy Cuts (ITV), and Comedy Shuffle (BBC) in the UK. In 2006, they traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and were nominated for the Best Newcomer Award. 2007 highlights included festivals in Charleston, Just For Laughs in Montreal (the Flying Solo series), Edinburgh, and Bumbershoot in Seattle, as well as multiple tour dates with comedian Mike Birbiglia.

God’s Pottery’s first solo EP was released in December 2007 on Comedy Central Records. In 2008, God’s Pottery received mainstream national attention through their appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, where they made it all the way to the final 12 acts. Though already eliminated from competition, God’s Pottery was asked to open the Last Comic Standing finale with their original song, Stick the Landing. Recent gigs include Spaceland in Los Angeles and a week at Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis.

Most remarkable about the success of God’s Pottery is the breadth of their fanbase. From ironic atheists to Church-going believers, their audience is a unique blend of different attitudes and perspectives, but a common appreciation for good, smart comedy.


God's Pottery: Live At Comix! EP, Comedy Central Records, 2007
Invite Them Up CD/DVD, Comedy Central Records, 2006

Set List

With over 2 hours of material, we can do anything from 3 minutes to over an hour. Although songs are the backbone of our act, we often perform short scenes called "Life Skillz," which are over-the-top life lessons aimed at the youth (and heavily ironic). We have no covers in our act. Here's a list of songs and "Life Skillz" episodes:

A Brand New Start with Christ
The Pants Come Off When the Ring Goes On
Stained Glass
Christmas Is about the Presence
Team Jesus
Jesus I Need a Drink
I'm Different
We Get High on Rainbows
You're Just as Special as a Normal Child

Life Skillz Episodes:
Being Polite