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Go Exploring

Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
Rock Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




have the expected attention span for a 20-something in the 2000-somethings, so when I see a track length longer than 00:03:30 my eyes go out of focus, my body grows weary and I get a charley horse in my left foot. Go Exlporing has the medicine for that. Though most of the songs on the EP are around 5 minutes+, they are comprised of movements progressively stripped down and altered–not enough to draw you out of the song, but the right amount to keep you awake, moving and interested. Whether you opt to listen passively, or more actively follow each part of a song as it dissolves into a minimalist puddle and fades out, trust that you won’t get crampy or anything. - AshleyCanino

"Go Exploring is all about cheerful indie-pop with an electro edge."

Go Exploring is all about cheerful indie-pop with an electro edge.

Debut album “Adventures” is a collection of 7 tunes which are pretty straight-forward, but at the same time very eclectic and experimental, reminding me a little bit of artists such as The Flaming Lips or Animal Collective, cutting on the “progressive” and embracing a more simple, direct song format. - Paper Wings Records


Go Exploring is the solo project of Matt Scime from Adelaide, Australia.

This the opening track from his new album Adventures and what a wonderful way to open an album. The song floats along for three minutes in wind, then just as you start to wonder why your skipping down the street. An old mate from the brass instrument section joins in the fun. Topped off with an affable synth outro and you have yourself "Today". - Marcus Rimondini
- Marcus Rimondini

"buffaBLOG's Best Buffalo Tracks of 2012: Five Close Calls"

Not much is known about Go Exploring except he is a talented one man band with the ability to craft a catchy tune. Go Exploring's "Today" starts a laid back indie pop tune similar to that of The Radio Dept that goes straight disco in the last two minutes. We at buffaBLOG are looking forward to hearing more from Go Exploring and seeing them live as soon as they put together a full band. So yeah, get on that. -BuffaBlog.com
- BuffaBlog.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Go Exploring is a one man band with a tune crafted late at night in a bedroom. The music is merely an extension of his consciousness, chaotically imagined and squeezed out, sometimes by desperate means, to be assembled for your listening pleasure, in the form of an album titled Adventures.