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Go Flight


We are Go Flight and we love what we do. We play in a three piece alt rock band and have had been together for just over two years, and have already had more shows that bands that have been together for 5 years. We work hard and play even harder.


Go Flight is a band, we are three members long, and we all love to play music.
Our latest news is that we in December of 2007 we finished recording our first E.P, it consists of 5 dynamic and diverse tracks, with sounds influenced by Angels and Airwaves , The Killers, Muse and Coldplay Being a band for over two years now, we have come third in one of the highest standard battle of the band competitions in Perth, as well as had our songs played on RTR FM, and played at popular locations around perth e.g Mojo's Bars and The Fly by Night, and many more.

Getting Started: Go Flight started early in the year of 2006. it was originaly pitched when Jordan walked up to sam and said,"hey, i want you in my band", Sam couldnt disagree. Jordan and brian have been good friends since high school, sam came in later 2006 and fitted in better then we could have imagined. The band started of with there first smash hit "Bombs and Barricades" created in 2006 in a jam sesh in 5 minutes. Our music has progressed to the high standards,we find ourselfs writing more complex and diverse songs, and will always want to better ourselves. We tend to change our songs very often, and commonly get bored of playing our old songs as we create bigger and better tunes. We are half based in Karratha as Sam lives in two locations, however most of our musical activities is involved in Perth. Go Flight recorded there first demo in 2006 with fellow band friends, Josh and Monty. this creating a perfect opportunity for gigs. However, our recordings do not do justice to our live performance, as we, back then, were rookies with recording. However now "funky" has been working at a professional studio with engineer who has recorded album with big hits like Eskimoe Joe and Birds of Tokyo. We are in the middle of recording at this very moment. Go Flight continues to embark on a thrill riding adventure, and create songs , so please your eyes, and ears.


Wake Up Titanic- Go Flight
Track 1. Anxiety Energy
Track 2. Roof Over The Sky
Track 3. Bombs And Barricades
Track 4. Non-Existance
Track 5. The Hour
Track 6. Sofie
Track 7. The Bright of Day

Our Band site is.

We are currently working on getting our songs played on Perths RTR. FM