Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Balkans for the World Music night at the jazz club. People eat a little, drink a little, chat a little, but really come hear the music. Songs, rhythms, improvs, styles, with intensity, authenticity, and sincerity. Musicians who know the material and love to play it.

And we can play for your outdoor festival. We'll bring someone to lead dances. People will be on their feet.

Look at our web site www.gogofski.com ... we keep that up to date


The members of the band have been playing Balkan music for decades. Mostly playing for dances. Moving now in a concert direction.

Influences: Esma, Ferus, Vidanka, Tale, Vaska, Koco, Aleksandar. (Maybe you've heard of Esma, Ferus.) These are some of our sources in Balkan music.

And I had some great time with Dalip in Ohrid this summer. Very Albanian sounds.

I'm telling you how real we are.


Listen here or on our website to our recent live recordings.

(Our demo CD is with our previous singer, and too out of date to send you to ...)

Set List

All the "On the Gig" Info here.

Stage requirements: Four chairs, stools, stage front. (Singer will usually stand, but will sit when we're doing an instrumental. Drummer will sit or stand depending.)

Singer, accordion, and clarinet will supply their own wirelesses. You plug their receivers into your board. Two mikes for the drummer. We can supply the complete sound system, if necessary.

Compensation to be discussed.

Guest list will be small. Wives and concubines only. We don't believe in a lot of freebies.

Set list? Well, here's a set list for an upcoming dance. Dance name on the left, tune name on the right, along with cryptic notes to ourselves.


First Set

Lesnoto Chunovo --Ab
Valle Korchare or Sta Dyo Valle Korchare
Devetorka Skopski Cocek
Jeni Jol/"Rumelaj" Kuzum bela erdije - D hijaz (VOCAL)