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"Lab Brats"

It's their party, and they'll spy if they want to.
Chemistry. That's what Brian McRae, Eric Moon and Bijoux discovered they had when they jammed together, and the musicians decided to finalize the formula for their post-modern go-go in the band gogoLab. But this instrumental power trio isn't all about the music; The group's first album, The Stakeout, became the soundtrack to a homegrown, B-grade spy movie full of renegade cops and catsuits. "We take old movie clips and combine them with live gogo-screen dancers." GogoLab takes spy music to a new level! - Westword

"gogoLab The Stakeout (Dance Research Records)"

The Stakeout (Dance Research Records)
By Michael Roberts
Article Published Sep 21, 2006

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At first blush, gogoLab seems like pure shtick -- an opportunity for keyboardist Eric Moon, bassist Bijoux Barbosa and drummer Brian McRae to don suits, shades and skinny ties and live out their spy-music fantasies. Turns out, though, these guys are talented enough to transcend their own gimmickry.

The disc's title track is a case in point. The sprawling number opens and closes with atmospheric sound effects and a retro groove that does Lalo Schifrin proud -- yet its middle section features an extended Moon solo that's served neat and goes down smooth. Elsewhere, "The Girl," with its mid-tempo rhythms and synthetic strings, and "The Face-off," a tune that injects some unexpected funk into its soundtrack-ready vibe, recall the days before the evil nemesis known as Spyro Gyra turned "fusion" into a dirty word.

True, The Stakeout's sense of fun sometimes slips into silliness. But overall, gogoLab's experiment is more successful than anyone had a right to expect.

- Westword

"GogoLab’s stakeout is high crime"

The Stakeout
Dance Research Records

GogoLab is a shoe-in for one of the most fun and original acts to come out of Colorado in recent years. The instrumental power trio, which just released its debut full-length The Stakeout, claims that it’s on a mission to re-examine the sound of ’60s and ’70s film and television through the lens of contemporary dance music — a world of double agents, renegade cops, car chases, cat suits and hip-shaking girls. The Stakeout is fun, funny, and one hell of a great groove that sounds like Medeski, Martin and Wood meets James Bond in a dark alley.

— Brian F. Johnson - Marquee Magazine


Gogolab’s debut album The Stakeout has been released. The record is a soundtrack to a spy action b-movie. Our private eye action hero assembles a crack team of renegades who trace a gang of drug dealers halfway around the world to the jungles of Southeast Asia. (The screenplay is included in the album artwork).



Denver, CO- gogoLab is an instrumental power trio that re-examines the sound of 60’s and 70’s film and television through the lens of contemporary dance music. It’s a world of double agents, renegade cops, car chases, cat suits and hip-shaking girls in bright polyester miniskirts and thigh-high boots. This is post-modern go-go.

Brian McRae: Drums/Promotion: Founder of www.drumoverdubs.com and charter member of The Lyons Rock Council. Brian has recorded and toured with The Freddy Jones Band, Mindy Smith, Grandpa Mojo, Liza, Sally Taylor, Ash Ganley, Wendy Woo, Xiren, Tony Furtado and Newcomer’s Home. Brian’s cyberspace studio drumming was recently featured in Guitar Player Magazine.

Eric Moon: Keys/Spatial Disorientation: Eric Moon has written a #1 hit single in Malaysia, toured with Bjork, arranged for the tower of power horn section, backed up Charlie Pride, written factory sounds for Alesis synthesizers, and recorded with both Todd Rundgren and Nancy Wilson of ‘Heart’.

Bijoux Barbosa: Basses/Fashion Coordinator: Eduardo Da silva ‘Bijoux’ Barbosa was born in Sao Paulo - Brazil. He has toured with Café Brasil as well as all the top acts in Venezuela. Bijoux is a first call session player in Denver and has performed with reputable jazz artists including Art Lande and Ron Miles. Bijoux attacks the tune and sometimes the audience with his intelligent solos.