Goh Kurosawa

Goh Kurosawa


"Western knowledge with Japanese spirit."


By Kirk Albrecht

It would be impossible to classify Goh Kurosawa's release "Hitori" into any one genre of guitar music. Suffice it to say that it is a blending of various styles, infused as it is with traditional fingerstyle, modern two-handed tapping, classical and flamenco, with snippets of folk and rock, all wound together with a thoroughly Asian flavor. What we listeners get is a chance to travel through different worlds with Kurosawa as he aurally explores his own journey as a musician. It is not extremely complex playing technically, but it is inventive, using the guitar as a device to communicate. The two-part opening track, the title "Hitori" weaves lovely melodies with polyrhythms while breathing openness. "Betsurui" is a simple exercise of tremolo with walking baseline played on flamenco with delicate tempo to give the sense of leaves dripping in a gentle rain. Time stands still on "Things that matter we tend to forget about", as the douleur of gentle picking gives way to flamenco rasgueados then minor chords creating a tension relieved only by the continued theme of the melody. "Yuzuri" has about everything -- a gentle melody of traditional fingerpicking set off by ascending harmonics, finished off with percussive tapping. Meandering jazz arpeggios on "Part II" add yet another layer of color to the disc, with its happy feel. "Zaijian" takes advantage of the sustain of open steel strings to lull and soothe. The final track features Kurosawa's Sharp Three ensemble, with Japanese vocals on "Amai Koi", which sounds a lot like a jazz standard. This is an intimate recording, as if Kurosawa were allowing us into his inner sanctum to explore his life with him.



Hitori (Part II: Groove)

Written By: Goh Kurosawa

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***Selections from LPs were entered for Grammy Awards 2007***

SHARP THREE (OR002: Onigawara Records, original trio*)
HITORI (OR003: Onigawara Records, original LP)

*Sharp Three (www.sonicbids.com/SharpThreeMusic)

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Original instrumental compositions & arrangements (available unplugged or plugged depending on venue size & space) is where my primary focus is at.

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