Going Homeless

Going Homeless

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

With six original demo songs recorded, and a lot more on the way, Going Homeless never stops writing. They're perfect for your venue because...
- They play for less pay!
- They play cover songs of bands such as The Strokes, Taking Back Sunday, and Third Eye Blind.
- They can go entirely acoustic!
- They have a growing fan base! (facebook.com/goinghomeless)


Teddy, Steven, Alex, John, Kenneth, and Ryan all attended the same High School, and at Teddy's suggestion, they started a band.


Not Enough

Written By: Going Homeless

You were indifferent, scared, and confused.
changed for a night you prayed in your room.
Every breath and beat of your heart,
is looking for something, life to the full.

All of our dreams,
and every last someday,
reckless ambition,
and all the we want to be,
its not enough,
its not enough,
its not enough,
its not enough.

Verse Two:
Death took my hand and lead me astray;
you were the one who told him away.
every breath and beat of your heart,
is offering something, life to the full.

Guitar Solo

Right Back to the Start

Written By: Going Homeless

Verse One:

After all these years, running seems so easy.
Facing what’s behind you keeps you going fast.
No one told you there was any other option
You’ve come way too far to leave it all behind.

Can you please tell me why,
seems like every single time I try,
I get thrown back to the start?
Can you please tell me when,
I can have another chance to try again
and go right back to the start?
Right back to the start.

Verse Two:
If we could drive this car,
faster than the earth spins,
we could watch the sunset for a few more hours,
see the sun and the horizon glow forever,
then we’d stop to see the moon and all the stars.

Verse 2 Again


Not Enough
The Shadows of the Clouds
Right Back to the Start
Without a Word
Everything's Alright