Goin' Nowhere

Goin' Nowhere


This collection of 10 tracks features a dynamic mix of musical styles, while always maintaining a firm root in melodic, hook-driven, sing-along rock.


This is not Emo and yet it is what Emo wishes it could be. This is not Metal and yet it rocks every bit as hard. This is not Pop, yet you can't resist singing it at the top of your lungs.

This is a band you're not supposed to like. You won't find melancholy Indie snobs praising their obscurity. You'll never catch Scene kids name-dropping them for street cred.

Instead, you'll just find big sing-along choruses. You'll find guitar riffs that will haunt your dreams. You'll find lyrics that you can actually relate to.

Imagine that.

We're Goin' Nowhere ... Wanna Come?

Set List

The Last Kiss
Fool Like You
The Calm
Mysery >>>
Yesterday's Good-byes
Things With You
Ramble On*
Tears For 2 >>> Baby's Breath (Outro)
Please Don't Cry This Time
Hey! >>> Henry The VIII** >>> Hey!
When Will I Find Love?
Without You
Leaving It All Behind

*Led Zeppelin
*Herman's Hermits