Go Josephine

Go Josephine


With influences more along the lines of Jimmy Eat World, Hum, Fugazi and Rainer Maria, Go Josephine has made music capable of challenging listeners while still sounding instantly catchy. Get a big national sound on your stage today before the big national sound becomes national.


Go Josephine brings a diversified sound to the stage, due largely to the varying background of the groups four members.

Kevin Timmermans brings an indie rock style of somgwriting to the group. He has previously written, recorded and performed with washinthisaway.

Adam Rossell comes from the punk-metal scene and has previously written, recorded and performed with Triple Fister and Duress.

Ryan Goldner brings a jazz influence to the band. However he also has played lead guitar in the very alternative rock band Cycle.

Derek Lancioni broke form a punk-indie-math rock past while recording and tourning nationally with the bands Just for Kicks and Hunter Rose.

Go Josephine's music could be described as pop indie-rock, but you hear influences in the music from genres that aren't even remotely close to that classification.

Go Josephine's live show is in your face with vocals up front and curious guitar work that at times you could swear is coming from a keyboard or a synth.

Go Josephine's music can fit into most any bill; indie-rock, metal, alternative, punk, math, post-punk, hardcore/screamo and more.

Go Josephine has performed with and including: Wakefield, The Firebird Band, the Holy Fire, Mustard Plug, LaSalle, The HArd Lessons, Kiss Me Quick, Those Transatlantics, The Orphan...

This is one of the most unique and versatile bands in the state of Michigan today.


The Silver Derby / Mass Transit EP
including the singles: Battlelines and Buses & Trains.

Set List

Go Josephine has 15 original songs and typically plays one surprising cover song.

They can play a set from 20 minutes to 75 minutes in length.