Odette Magritte

Odette Magritte


Take a fishing troller and drag a net off the coast of Southern California: you've got The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, and 70's Surf Rock. Now drag it across the the hot deserts, the expansive plains, the smokie mountains and into the pit of jersey. Wondering what you've trudged up? It's right here.


Go Kat Go is a collective of musicians pooling their individual interests from coast to coast to create something truly of Modern Americana. From Hank Williams to Johnny Rotten to Davids Bowie and Byrne to Nicks Drake and Cave, Odette Magritte is the stuff road trips and deep sea explorations are made of.

In the mountains just between Albany and Amherst, four young men found a common place to create art and music.

Ari Crystal was always a natural musician, steeped in the punk-rock dirt of his Jersey homeland. Also a keen painter, he dug deep into the artistic soil that music and visual art can enrich.

Peter Holland, a cool Californian by way of Texas - a cowboy surfer if you will, found a kindred spirit in Ari's creations, and soon, they began to write songs together. Peter's pacific, good ol' boy style of music was an unlikely, yet uncanny match for Ari's slick, crude oil.

Rafael Cruz, hailing from Queens, New York found a natural rhythm with the duo. As a drummer and amateur film-maker, his wild imagination and effortless timing ran perfectly in time with their music.

Jiwoo Han, another Californian linked up with the trio as he developed a taste for home recording. As a trained pianist and self taught instrumentalist, he brought the quiet solace of the Berkshires into the mix.

Shawn Watts a mean bass player and sharp wit, joined the band when they relocated to Jersey City. His sharp, techincal ear puts the bite into these boys' bark.

Today, they write and play for the trees and hills somewhere in Jersey.


Paper Tongue

Written By: Peter B Holland

I put a paper on my tongue
spun the facet, let the water drum
it's been years since i knew ya
years since you made a sound
but growl, growl, growl
i've got nothing but a frown for you

swan silver tones on my tongue
i walk the walk when i'm in orbit
i talk the talk when i'm in orbit

i'll never dance with another
when i look at you i see your mother
years ago and far away we go
one another

beneath the bird filled trees
the blue and the sky were mine
so i gave her the moon
and that's how you came along
oh little one
and that's how you came along

i walk the walk when i'm in orbit
i talk the talk when i'm in orbit
i walk the walk when i'm in orbit


Currently Recording:
2007, Songs for Ordinary Ghosts - upcoming LP soundtrack for Ordinary Ghosts, a novel by Eireann Corrigan.

2005, A Toda Madre - LP
2006, Avenue Boulevard - EP

Set List

Our sets generally run at 40 minutes.

Ocean Lanterns
Everyone's In My Head But My Father
Leaves Sharp Edges
Paper Tongue
Family Picnic
Gone Without Goodbye
Sing, Sing The Amethyst Moon
Emperor's Clothes
Wooden Kimono

We do covers of the following bands:
Talking Heads
Dr. Dog
Ted Leo + Pharmacists
Tom Waits