Manchester, England, GBR

Great live band with total energy and great singalong songs, always go down really well at festivals. Goldblade have toured the world fromRussia to Algeria, round Europe to the USA and Brazil and japan.


'best live band I've ever seen' Big Cheese Magazine
'proof that a wild intelligent spirit still exists in punk rock' kerrang'
'new album 'Mutiny' is their best yet. Amazing' Distorted
'best and wildest frontman on the scene...' Punker magazine

Goldblade tour constantly Big in the UK and Europe.
Goldblade are a big draw at all the punk festivals
Goldblade have toured with Rancid, The Misfits, The Damned. Fugazi, Stranglers, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers and the Sex Pistols
frontman John Robb released a best selling and critically acclaimed punk book 'Punk Rock...An oral History'


Home Turf (1997) Ultimate
Drop the Bomb (1998) Ultimate
Do U Believe in the Power of Rock 'n' Roll? (2002) Twenty Stone Blatt
Strictly Hardcore (2002) Navena Muzik (Brazil only)
Strictly Hardcore (2003) Thick Records (USA only)
Rebel Songs (2005) Captain Oi!
Punk Rockers in the Dance Hall (2006) SOS Records (US only)
Kiss My Ass (2004) Antrop Records (Russia only)
Mutiny (2008) Captain Oi!
Introducing...Goldblade EP (1996) Ultimate
"Black Elvis" (1996) Ultimate
"Strictly Hardcore" (1997) Ultimate - UK #64[3]
"Not Even Jesus" (1997) Ultimate
"16 Tons" (1998) Ultimate
"Hairstyle" (1998) Ultimate
"AC/DC" (2002) Twenty Stone Blatt
"Who Was The Killa?" (2002) Twenty Stone Blatt (limited edition)
"Psycho" (2005) Captain Oi! Records
"City Of Christmas Ghosts" (2008) Damaged Goods (featuring Poly Styrene)
"Jukebox Generation" (2008) Captain Oi! (split with Argy Bargy)