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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Pop Indie




"GoldBoot Chosen For "Artist Of The Year" by California State University"

Five of Five Music Entertainment (VVME) has chosen Las Vegas based, disco-pop duo, Goldboot as “Artist-of-the-Year”. Over the next 5 months, VVME will work with Goldboot in recording an EP, producing an EP release party, producing a music video, as well as building their name, reputation, and fanbase.
“GoldBoot has shown us promising enthusiasm and dedication to their music and to their brand. We’re very eager to start working with them. Their sound is full of energy and charisma, much like their personalities. With where the industry is headed, we feel GoldBoot will have a great deal of success along with optimum marketing potential.” - California State University Northridge - Five Of Five Entertainment

"Review Journal Las Vegas /// GOLDBOOT - "The Electric Eccentric""

GOLDBOOT, “The Electric Eccentric”: It’s the single most irrepressible album to come from Vegas this year. Some hot-blooded disco that elevates body temperatures like a blood transfusion with Tabasco sauce in place of plasma.

With its thunderbolt horns, falsetto come-ons and oscillating synth lines, “Cold Feet” anchors the latest EP from this blue-eyed electro soul trio.

“Will you take me there?” singer Logan Lanning asks on the track in question. The destination he has in mind?

All corners of the dance floor, which this duo commandeers via the chiming, saxophone-abetted “The Beaten Path,” the radio-ready, Prince-worthy funk of “Timing is Everything” and ecstatic album opener “Undertaker.”

“GoldBoot is a groove,” the band writes on its Facebook page, and like a good groove, this one bears repeating. - Las Vegas Review Journal

"Life Is Beautiful 2014: First Impressions"

Over at the Western Stage, Logan Lanning and Bobby Lucy of GoldBoot are the first to start. “We’re gonna kick it off!” says Lanning, and the full, stadium-sized sound that comes out of the two-piece is impressive. Lanning’s vocals feel improved and polished, and with the addition of some pre-recorded synth and brass tracks, the guys fill the set with disco-laden songs from 2013’s The Electric Eccentric. GoldBoot replaced fellow local band American Cream just one day before the fest, so the synth-hook-heavy “Timing Is Everything” feels very appropriate. - Las Vegas Weekly

"GoldBoot - One of 8 "Must See Bands @ Neon Reverb Festival""

Apparently GoldBoot has been kicking around town for at least six months, inducing people’s booties to spontaneously shake in rhythm with a palpable blend of electro, disco and funk. Go to Vimeo and check out the video (directed by local film auteur Jeremy Cloe) for “Won’t Lie Not Cool.” Unironic fans of Saturday Night Fever-era Bee Gees or Off the Wall-grade Michael Jackson will dig these guys even if, from what I’m told, they refuse to don sequined bell bottoms. That’s OK, because their recently released EP, Boot Tease, is the most upbeat, joyous local disc I’ve encountered in years. For those about to boogie, this band salutes you. - Vegas Seven Magazine

"GoldBoot Mixes Disco Soul With Rock Tendencies"

You can't fake the funk, and GoldBoot doesn't try. They keep it real -- real funky. Singer Logan Lanning breaks it down:

What does GoldBoot sound like?

"I think an easy summation of our sound would be a disco soul band with rock 'n' roll tendencies. We draw a lot of influences from the late '70s when there seemed to be an eclectic fusion of styles throughout rock 'n' roll and pop albums. It was as if everything was the same thing and it was all such interesting pop music. Keeping things in motion is big for Dan (Conway, drummer) and I. We live off the groove."

You're a newer band, but are vets of groups such as American Yeah and The Rooks. What brought you all together to begin with?

"Well, Dan and I knew we would continue to play music outside and after America Yeah, so I guess GoldBoot was just the next step. We were really firm on the idea of only working as partners to write and arrange the songs entirely. I think the exclusiveness of the input was what we genuinely loved about the songs enough to want to form a live group. When me and Dan thought of a bass player to play with us live, Leo (Banchik) was our first choice and we ended up playing the first four or five shows with him in and out of state. He moved to Tennessee in January and hasn't been a part of the current lineup, but I guess Dan and I will always remain as the members of GoldBoot so things kept going."

You tracked your debut at the Palms studio, where such luminaries as Elton John, The Killers, and, uh, Paris Hilton have logged time. Were you sufficiently inspired by the likes of Barry Manilow and Britney Spears, who also recorded there?

"Inspired? Yes, but I think we were more inspired that the studio was affording us a huge opportunity. America Yeah cut the EP inside the Palms as well and to be able to go back and honestly feel welcomed like part of a team was rad. I guess knowing well-respected musicians graced those same vocal booths subconsciously drives your energy to give it your all and make magic happen, but, like I said, the studio and people in it are what makes it special for us."

You're a rock band, but with funk and disco underpinnings. Name some of the best rock 'n' roll records to dance to.

"Michael Jackson, 'Off the Wall'; Television, 'Marque Moon'; Prince, 'Prince' (1979); Talking Heads, 'Remain in Light'; David Bowie, 'Station to Station'; anything by Arthur Russell." - Las Vegas Review Journal

"GoldBoot Review"

Dazzlingly-created guitar work and top-shelf keyboard work give "The Electric Eccentric" a very professional feel to it. The players convey a sense of artistic professionalism throughout the record. It's definitely worth it. If you lke to get down, that is.

- Keith Jackson @ Guards Can't Be Centers - Guards Can't Be Centers - Blog

"Vegas Tunes Good For The Ears"

Funk fetishists GoldBoot come with grooves hard enough to chip concrete here. These Boots were made for knockin', apparently.

- Jason Bracelin @ Review Journal - Las Vegas Review Journal

"Watch: GoldBoot Exclusive Interview"

Just before their heart pounding set at Backstage Bar in Las Vegas we spoke with Bobby and Logan members of local favorites Goldboot. Hot on the heels of their recent west coast tour Goldboot has been consistently performing in front of headlining touring bands such as Moving Units, Parade of Lights and El Ten Eleven. Commenting on their experiences as part of the Las Vegas music community, recent production of their explosive “Cold Feet” video, and outlook to the future, things only seem to be getting better for the funkiest indie dance rock band in Las Vegas.

Catch Goldboot live at:
Feb 20 Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino w/ Parade of Lights Las Vegas
Mar 22 Beauty Bar w/ Moving Units Las Vegas
Apr 19 Eagle Aerie Hall w/ Waxahatchee Henderson, NV - Secret Note Shows

"GoldBoot Review"

GoldBoot created the successful formula for artistically driven but massively appearling songs. It's a tight, solid combination of indie rock, disco and funk, punctuated by Lanning's skinny-jean falsetto. Each track sounds like summertime, roller rinks or both.

- Max Plenke @ City Life - Las Vegas City Life Magazine

"Great Local News: Las Vegas /// GoldBoot - 'The Electric Eccentric EP'"

Perfect for: House parties and road trips—with the windows open.

Standout song: “Hot Right Out the Gates,” a throwback to the days where piano and sax were actually considered cool. - Great Local News: Las Vegas

"GoldBoot - Interview with Concert Photographs"

A few days ago, we got the chance to sit down with GoldBoot before their performance at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, California. The band comes from Las Vegas amongst the Sunset Strip and the barren desert and brings a groove-style, indie sound that is sure to make everyone dance.

We met in San Jose, CA at a show where our previous bands, Briertone and YouInSeries played together while on tour. We loved each other's bands and just clicked in conversation that day. It was also a show where the promoter tried to skip out on paying the bands so we got to work together a little bit and chase him down after the show (haha). Since then we have kept in close contact over the phone for years. Eventually we both found ourselves living in Las Vegas without bands, so one day we were just jamming for fun and we pumped out 3-4 songs and decided that we should think about taking it more seriously (which ended up happening). GoldBoot was actually a band before Bobby moved out to Vegas that fizzled away, and we just decided to keep the name since it was something we both loved.

Our current EP is called "The Electric Eccentric". We got the opportunity to record the album at The Studio at The Palms in Las vegas. It was such an honor to record there knowing that so many of our favorite artists like Michael Jackson, Elton John and The Killers had recorded there previously. It's a beautiful studio! As far as future releases go... we will be releasing a series of new EP's soon, three to be exact. They will all have individual themes that are all tied into one idea which we are very excited about.

This is a question we get asked a lot (haha). In all honesty, we'd love to have 10+ members on stage if we could - horn players, key players, backup singers, bass player, etc. Unfortunately finding those kinds of people in Las Vegas is a very complicated task. Near impossible, in fact. We know tons of musicians in Vegas, and none of them (so far) seem to click with our vision or have the same work ethic and dedication as us. Because of that, we aren't going to stop playing shows and lose our momentum. I'm sure maybe someday some awesome people will come along that we can add to our team. Until then we will take advantage of technology and keep doing what we are doing. When you see us live, every sound you hear we have performed ourselves. Whether it be coming from what we are playing on stage at the time, or off of our pre-recorded tracks that we are pumping along with it, we wrote it and performed it.

We are headed out for a tour that'll hit a few of the western states in November: Utah, Idaho, Oregon, California and maybe Washington. Before that we have a few regional weekend runs to California and Arizona along with a handful of hometown Vegas shows. One show we are pretty excited about is at Vinyl in the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. We are opening for a band called No Devotion; they feature members of Lost Prophets whom just got a new singer, Geoff Rickly from the band Thursday. It'll be a fun show.

TOUR STORY... 1, 2, 3, GO!
...well this isn't a GoldBoot story necessarily, but it's when both of our older bands were on the road and played in Albuquerque, New Mexico together. We were all in this DIY touring band circuit, all on separate tours actually but we happen to meet up and play this one show. All of the bands were friends so naturally after the show we had a big party at the promoters tiny apartment, the poor guy (haha). During the party while playing some blackjack, Logan got a call from his guitar player whom was outside and just said out loud "someone is trying to break into the trailer?!" Instantly every single musician that was there jumped up, grabbed any object they could use as a weapon and stormed out the door chasing after these burglars. They ended up speeding off in their truck, but the funny part was, they kept coming back thinking we would just forget that they were trying to break into the trailer. Just try to imagine... 20 angry musicians sprinting and yelling at you with sharp objects in each person's hand. It was an interesting night, and one that we will never forget as friends.

Man.. that's a tough one. There's so many awesome venues in Las Vegas. I think we'd have to say our favorite is Vinyl at The Hard Rock. It has great sound and isn't too large. Vegas has a problem with too many venues opening up that are all the same size and also too big; usually 2,000-3,000 capacity gigs is about the average number. We love Vinyl because it holds about 700 people, is set up in a way that attracts people to the front of the stage/dance floor and is an all ages venue that serves alcohol. We love it when our younger fans can come to our shows, and also when the 21+ peeps can come enjoy a nice glass of whiskey while listening. Another great thing about the venue is the staff! They are super supportive of us and believe in our vision. That's always a big deal breaker for us.

If either of us go out, we pretty much frequent the same bar every time. It's called The Griffin. It's like the show "Cheers" for us there "Where everyone knows your name." It's hands down the best bar in Las Vegas - the best jukebox, best people, best environment and best drinks. The area that it's in is starting to get more popular because of it's growth and the attraction that Life Is Beautiful Festival brought to it. If you are visiting Vegas, we always suggest you stay downtown somewhere rather than on the strip. The strip is neat to look at sometimes with all the lights and such but downtown is where it's at! Also, Las Vegas has incredible food all over the place. Some of the best chefs in the world live here. One spot we like to frequent a bit is in China Town; it is a Vietnamese place called Pho Saigon 8 and it's fabulous. - Stock

"GoldBoot Was Made For Dancin'"

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes, Las Vegas—or dancing boots. Singer Logan Lanning and drummer Daniel Conway, former members of defunct local band America Yeah, have returned to the scene with a new endeavor, GoldBoot.

Inspired by their disco and funk roots, Lanning and Conway write and record all of the band’s material, but their live show includes other familiar faces such as bassist Leo Banchik, formerly of The Rooks, and singer/keyboardist Grace Sims. Their disco flair varies from faint riffs to full-on grooves made complete by the use of wah-wah pedals and keyboards. “It’s kind of like a rock base with disco and funk,” Lanning says. “With a little bit of an electro influence in there.”

An amalgam of Diamond Dogs-era Bowie, Q and Not U, and Vegas’ own Black Camaro, GoldBoot’s set at the Beauty Bar on Friday was energetic despite the cold and included a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U.”

With some of the city’s indie dance bands living elsewhere (Afghan Raiders) or on performing hiatus (Kid Meets Cougar), a shot of GoldBoot could be just what Vegas needs.

- Leslie Ventura @ Las Vegas Weekly - Las Vegas Weekly

"GoldBoot - Life Is Beautiful Festival Photos & Review"

Las Vegas natives, GoldBoot rocked the Homegrown Stage on the first day of Life is Beautiful. Clearly their local fans were present showing their support for the duo as sunglass-clad Logan Lanning grooved away on the guitar, while Bobby Lucy delivered fast paced beats under their funk synth sound. Unaffected by the hot beating sun, GoldBoot delivered a powerful, dance-heavy set. - Secret Note Shows

"Las Vegas Weekly /// Life Is Beautiful Festival Final Lineup Announcement - Main Photo Feature"

-GoldBoot is one of the final additions to the Life Is Beautiful lineup. - Las Vegas Weekly

"Las Vegas Weekly /// Life Is Beautiful Showcase - Main Photo Feature"

GoldBoot - "whose dance rock was the best performance i saw" - Las Vegas Weekly


2011 - "Boot Tease"

2013 - "The Electric Eccentric"




GoldBoot is Las Vegas magic, mixed with pragmatic reality. Their music is all the glamour and lights of the Vegas Strip, juxtaposed with heartfelt songwriting, and real stories. The explosive energy and unforgettable sound they present can be loved by fans of Michael Jackson, The Killers, Jamiroquai, Prince, Passion Pit, Muse, The Eurythmics and beyond.

These days, the humble beginnings for most bands begins through a friend of a friend or a simple craigslist ad, but GoldBoot's is a little more old fashioned than that. Logan Lanning and Bobby Lucy met on the road in 2006 while touring the DIY circuit with previous bands. As soon as they met, they knew both were in it for the long haul just from observing how much determination these two saw through each's actions. Through the ups and downs the two remained close and in admiration for each others musical projects; never entertaining the idea of trying it together.

Fast forward to 2012, where the two are in a position they've never been in before; Residing in the same city and both without a band. One phone call lead to a jam session where the two cranked out three polished songs and made a plan to take GoldBoot as far as they could.

Today, GoldBoot's dance/pop/new-wave/disco sound along with constant hard work and persistence has gained them recognition as one of the current "buzz bands" of the greater Las Vegas area. Their EP, "The Electric Eccentric" gives the perfect introduction; bringing the sound of the Vegas Lights bursting through each song.  With the blend of throwback seventies disco/neo-soul and the synthetic tricks and tempo of today, GoldBoot creates a sound all their own.

While recently Headlining bills at notable venues like The Boulevard at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and numerous regional tours around the Western United States, they have also had the honor of being selected for the first two years of the inaugural Life Is Beautiful Festival with acts like The Killers, Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, Outkast, Beck, Arctic Monkeys, Empire Of The Sun, The Weeknd, Lionel Richie, Vampire Weekend, The Flaming Lips, The Roots, Passion Pit and many more.  GoldBoot has also had been a supporting act for artists including Imagine Dragons, Moving Units, Electric Six, Bear Hands, Gardens & Villa, El Ten Eleven, No Devotion and Parade Of Lights.

On November 4th, 2014, GoldBoot was selected as "Artist Of The Year" by Five Of Five Entertainment at California State University-Northridge, in which is currently contributing to the creation of new recordings of music, video and other forms of media outlets.  GoldBoot will be releasing the material throughout early 2015.

On June 26th, 2015, GoldBoot released their new album BLACKWHITEGOLD and performed to a sold out crowd in Downtown Las Vegas for the album release show.

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