New York City, New York, USA

Self described Minimalist Maximalist music, GoldenAlphabet is a endlessly progressive in its band members (with the exception of Tommy Cormier). Founded in Tucson, Arizona, The band now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Creating new music anywhere from melancholy folk to electronic ballads.


Tommy Cormier is the singer/keyboardist for local dance-punk act Feel Good Revolution, as well as a member of Young Mothers. In 2005, he began a solo project under the name Golden Alphabet. Since then, the project has blossomed into a full-fledged band with, as their bio puts it, an "open door" membership policy: "Local musician friends were invited to attend practices and contribute to the writing process." The same goes for the band's live performances: You never know who's going to be sharing the stage with Cormier.

Cormier's got a lot of friends. Nearly 20 musicians, most of whom perform in other local bands, are listed in the credits of the band's debut album, A List of Our Worries, being released on CD this week on Worry Doll Records.

The album contains 10 tracks that fall under the wide-ranging category of indie rock, though there are variations in sound. After a minute-plus as a ramshackle instrumental, opening track "Visionary Quest" morphs into what sounds like a passage from a long-lost rock opera—it wouldn't sound out of place on The Wall—with Cormier singing, "If I'm just a little boy with a stick in his eye, I'll never be a Jesuit / I am self-deny." After a little synth-led passage, it leads smoothly into "This Cactus Country," a chugging little tune with a big sound (fun game: count the instruments!) and a gorgeously melancholy melody. The lyrics on the album, which are largely above-par, carry the weight of melancholy, too: "I've been buying into salesmanship / 'Good job! You know, you're really doing well' / I wonder how long Humpty Dumpty sat there / I wonder how long before he fell."

If I had to pithily describe the overall vibe of A List of Our Worries, I'd say it's like an indie-folk take on what Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire does (with Bright Eyes in there, too), but that's selling it short, especially when a song like "Me Lovely," the bulk of which resembles no one so much as the Tom Tom Club, comes on.

Golden Alphabet performs at an all-ages CD-release party on Friday, Dec. 3, at Solar Culture Gallery. The Pork Torta and Faster Than Light open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5, and CDs will be $5, too.

-Stephen Seigel



Written By: GoldenAlphabet

Drop down, I can't stand the cold tonight. Four Fiddles
Back out, I just can't afford to fight. I'm too little.
Well, that's that. I can't hold this form all night. Stuck in the middle

Keep them alive, they're your only friends.
Keep them alive, now the snow begins.
I think we survived. I guess nobody died. We are home again.
I think It began as a slow trance.
I think that, maybe, its what controls my hands.
I think, by the light in the curve of their eyes, that the show began.
The feeling of standing before the mic.
If this is what "awake" feels like.
If this is what "feeling" is (feeling IS) my body can take a hike.

This feelings becoming not so new
Keep bleeding. Accord, but not for you.
Believing; becoming one with the earth.
Keep breathing; you'll be escorted off of the turf.

I I I I owe, I I I I owe, I owe
I I I I owe, I I I owe company
I I I I owe, I I I I owe, I owe


Written By: GoldenAlphabet

I don't have control because I have known for so long.
I'll maintain soul even when everything is so wrong.
The contour of cognition and it's myriad modes.
The palliative belief in golden, pius stoves.
Worried hands.
Wake up my hands.


-Party Music Mic. - 2006 Self Release

-Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! - 2008 Worry Dolls Records Compilation CD featuring GA song "Me vs. Me"

-Rodeo Sessions - 2009 Worry Dolls Records Compilation CD featuring GA song "Death Spawns Death"

-A List of Our Worries - 2010 GoldenAlphabet's Full length release under Worry Dolls Records.