Goldenchild feat. THE CHOSEN

Goldenchild feat. THE CHOSEN

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopSoul

The Future of Rebel Music is upon you. Picture a blend of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder with the lyrics meant to evoke your consciousness like Marvin Gaye. Fusing vintage hip hop soul with the melodic qualities of roots rock reggae. Brace yourself, you are now in the company of the Goldenchild.


When people speak of a gifted individual, it is usually one particular talent an individual possesses they refer to. Such a gift is honed and crafted, nurtured and grown. When speaking of Dada! A.K.A The Golden Child, one cannot confine him to a particular gift--he has many

Beginning with his first love, Hip-Hop, Goldenchild is an emcee that produces his music. Goldenchild has been rhyming, and producing tracks for many years. Listening to one of Goldenchild's songs is like watching rhythmic tunes and lyrical expertise make love to sound waves. It is an experience of his mind, a trip through his heart, only to have it grab on to your soul. The Goldenchild possesses the musical gift, the ability to compose, and the finesse to produce as a teacher amongst students.

Writing lyrics to rhymes, poetry, and stories inspired Goldenchild try his hand at song writing and production for others inspired him to ventured into live instrumentation as an extension of his production and live performances birthing his band GOLDENCHILD and The CHOSEN which fuses Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, Rock, and Funk together in a sound uniquely golden.

Since winning the World Natural Hair Model of the Year (2009) at the World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show in Atlanta, GA, Goldenchild began to delve into the natural hair care and wholistic health industry. Currently, he serves as spokes model and COO of Orajé Holistics—a universal wholistic lifestyle company which focuses on hair, facial and body care and wholistic living products. In addition, he is slated to release his own line of “soulistic” body care potions called “Golden Meditations” also distributed by Orajé Holistics—that incorporate the principles of his wholistic lifestyle.


you can view & listen to selected material @ the following websites -

(LP) Goldenchild - GOLDENCHILD DILLAVERSE {Metropoliz Media Musak} Goldenchild latest opus featuring exclusive original material remixed by LEGENDARY PRODUCER J. DILLA

(EP) The Chosen - The Live EP {Metropoliz Media Musak/CD BABY} The 1st in a series of live album featuring new music from Hip Hop Soul Reggaelutionary Band "THE CHOSEN"

(LP) Goldenchild - Rising Rebel {Metropoliz Musak/SnoCap Digital Distribution/CD BABY} available for purchase via digital download via with ditribution thru
*featuring production from GOLDENCHILD, AKIR, KOICHI, and NYC Beatsmith METAPHYSIC

(LP) Sound Clash 2: Goldenchild vs. Axis {Metropoliz Musak/BackwoodzStudioz} mix CD featuring a *production "clash" between Goldenchild & Axis from THE REAVERS....
*featuring new tracks from AKIR, Hasan Salaam, Goldenchild, Pumpkinhead and many more....

(LP) The Reavers - Terror Firma {BackwoodzStudioz/Nature Sounds/Caroline Dist} *produced three songs featured on seven songs
*also produced and featured in the 1st single "Slums" (released Oct. 05)

(LP) AKIR - Legacy {Viper Records/Fat Beats} *produced 2 songs (Homeward Bound/This Is Your Life)
*AKIR was awarded Jan/Feb 2005 Unsigned Hype in Source Magazine

FOR GLOBAL BOOKING CONTACT: D.Richardson (347) 467-0033
Metropoliz Media, LLC
FOR EAST COAST BOOKING CONTACT: Justin Hoy (802) 595-0191
Halogen Media Works, LLC

Set List

A typical set can last anywhere between 30 min to an hour and half depending on the size of the particular venue/event. I also can travel with my band, with my DJ or solo, again depending upon the venue size and performance requirements.

Below is sample set list

Additional Covers:
Mister Magic - Grover Washington Jr.
Aint no sunshine - Bill Withers
The Harder they come - Jimmy Cliff
Little Child Running Wild - Curtis Mayfield
I shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley
War- Bob Marley
Crazy bald heads- Bob Marley
Red Wine - Garnett Silk
Rock with U - Michael Jackson
and many others if needed in addtion to more original compositions