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Golden Chile


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1. Coronation
2. Creep on em
3. Da next Don
4. Fuck 2morrow
5. Gangsta Gansta
6. Heartbreaker
7. In da Ghetto
8. Living on da Edge
9. Look What The Hood Did
10. Still Here
11. To Whom it May Concern
12. Unda Pressure
13. Fuck 2morro (remix)
14. Tha Jux
15. Where We Come From

"Look What The Hood Did"

"Look What The Hood Did"
"Creep On Em"
"To Whom it May Concern"

New Releases 2010
"Street Keep Calling"
"Gee'd Up"
"Prayer For The Streets"

Tracks are played on Hip Canada internet radio, 89.5 project bounce CIUT community radio, 88.1 hip hop show CKLN community radio,



"It's like he has a gift, a blessing from God, free styling lyrics, rhyming melodies, composing music for the streets. " This is one of the thoughtful reactions inspired by the words and music of this Toronto-born, intelligent thug life soldier named Golden Chile'. Coming from the west side of Toronto, up on Eglinton Ave., this street scholar has been steadily grinding his way to his destiny, where he seeks his music to be compared to immortal icons like Tupac "2Pac" Shakur and Brad "Scarface" Jordan. As BulletProof Ink. Records Ltd debut artist, Golden Chile' has been putting in work, whether the mainstream industry recognizes it or not. His single "Look What The Hood Did" is the first in a trilogy of releases dealing with this eternally relevant subject matter. He exposes the negative impact that poverty and hopelessness has on those who reside in impoverished neighborhoods, similar to the one he came up from, and balances his dark descriptions of street reality with optimistic insight that will help people realize there is always a better way to rise in life, if only one is able to make the right choice. Appreciate the wisdom of Golden Chile', as he speaks on hood politics with a depth that's both insightful and rare: "Some brothers are mindless. Taking another life is a pattern of behavior in the hood. It's a political stand-off leaving minorities in a position of thinking that he or she is nothing, turning inwards to self, thinking that they don't have much except their name and rep. Heads are broke and desperate, looking to creep up on you. Not unless heads see more hope in their daily lives, they're not going to understand the importance of life. " Therefore, Golden Chile' expresses himself brutally and honestly, using all the powerful potential of hip hop in his mind, wielding the microphone like a weapon, and using his cutting words to blast ignorance out of the heads of all those who are part of the problem, not the solution, that Black and poor people need so desperately. Beyond the lyricism, the impact of the music speaks for itself. Working with producer Lost Angel on the emotional, piano-sprinkled dedication song to all rough house survivors, "In Da Ghetto" is a musical vision created to take the listener on a journey through Toronto's crime-infested slums, as Golden Chile' speaks about the hard knock life that many don't know exists with Black Canadians. Ranee Wynters embellishes the rugged joint with her uplifting voice, as Golden Chile' speaks the thoughts and hopes of every Black man, woman and child who seeks upliftment from the trenches. "Living On Da Edge" finds this versatile MC riding a double time Spanish acoustic guitar and robust baseline as he explains how life can be for a hustler/rapper that is caught up between one world and another. "Fuck 2Morro" captures him being reflective and contemplating the futility of insecurity, hesitation and fear in the face of the urgency of the needs one has when trapped in the ghetto, and how he plans to rise up from his situation to create a better situation for himself and who he cares about. Golden Chile's full spectrum of awareness is revealed with lyrics like: "until I rest in the earth with no regrets/ I just expect the worst and hope for the best.” Golden Chile' ultimately seeks to bring about revolutionary change with his uncompromising, heartfelt, street lyricism. Trying to inspire listeners to change the evil thoughts, bad habits and deadly environments that imprison poor people every day of their lives, and to strive for a higher level of living, this is the ultimate goal of the MC with the Midas Touch, Toronto's one and only Golden Chile'.