Golden Dragon Acrobats

Golden Dragon Acrobats

 Plano, Texas, USA

The Golden Dragon Acrobats have become the world's leading Chinese acrobatic troupe, performing more than any other company. World-renowned impresario Danny Chang and choreographer Angela Chang combine their expertise, love of their art and life-long discipline in producing a spectacular event.


The Golden Dragon Acrobats represent the best of a time honored tradition that began more than twenty-five centuries ago. The Golden Dragons are recognized throughout the United States and abroad as the premiere Chinese acrobatic touring company of today.

The reputation of the company is solidly rooted in a commitment to the highest of production values and an attention to artistic details that is unparalleled in the art form. World renowned impresario Danny Chang and choreographer Angela Chang combine award-winning acrobatics, traditional dance, spectacular costumes, ancient and contemporary music and theatrical techniques to present a show of breathtaking skill and spellbinding beauty.


The Golden Dragon Acrobats have toured continually in the U.S. since 1978. Most recently, their live performance was recorded in its entirety in 2006. Highlights of that recording are available in the video section of this EPK. The full performance is available on DVD.

Set List


2009/2010 U.S. Tour Program Guide

Cast and Crew

Creator, Producer and Director: Danny Chang
Choreographer and Costume Designer: Angela Chang
Production Director: Randy S. Williamson
Technical Assistant: Jamie A. Keating
Administrative Director: Jessie S. Chang
Company Assistant: Dick Liu

Female Performers:
Gao, Ping
Hou, Qi Qi
Jia, Bei Bei
Lu, Hang
Ma, Cui Xiao
Ma, Rui Hua
Shen, Jia Hui
Wang, Hui Juan
Yang, Li Wei
Zhang, Hui
Zhu, Qing Qing

Male Performers:
Cai, Jian Long
Cai, Yan Cheng
Cai, Yong Zheng
Guo, Xian Yang
Guo, Xiao Meng
Liu, Ming Chong
Niu, Zhi Feng
Pei, Yi Ran
Qiao, Shuai
Suo, Kai
Wang, Zai Chao
Xing, Kai Qi
Zhang, Lei
Zhang, Tian Jun

Producer: Asian Artists Productions, Inc.

Representation: Art Fegan Entertainment, Inc.

List of Acts (English)

ACT I : Thousand Hand Dance, Contortion
ACT II: Sway