Golden Fable

Golden Fable


A mix of layered acoustic instruments, ethereal vocals, synths and meticulously formed electronic beats.


Golden Fable release their debut album, ‘Star Map’ on 10th September through their own Full Of Joy Records.

Golden Fable are Tim McIver and Rebecca Palin. He is the multi-instrumentalist and computer programmer who provides the beats and the song structures, she is the captivating voice and, not to be outdone, also a multi-instrumentalist. Between them they have created an album that celebrates the natural world outside their front door, the legends of the North Wales mountains that frame their cottage, the history of song that flows through Clwyd and Wales as a whole yet sounds modern and innovative in its use of rhythm programming and sampling.

Localism is central to Golden Fable. Alongside the creative impulses delivered through the stunning landscapes that surround them, ‘Star Map’ was made possible with the help of a cabal of local artists and artisans. There are the instruments rescued by a local collector who brings damaged goods back to life and seems to specialise in finding the less obvious pieces that are played on the album, whether banjo or bouzouki, the artwork designed by local artist Kathryn Lloyd that references the natural world around the band and the additional local musicians brought in to play strings on single ‘Sugarloaf’ and cult favourite ‘Always Golden’.

Golden Fable is more than simply a band or record. Running throughout everything that Tim and Rebecca do is a joined up theory that encompasses the music and the presentation. Live the duo reference the natural world through adornments to their stage costumes including bird feathers and leaves. Such adornments are both decorative and symbolic, referencing the fables, local myths and legends that inspire and inform their lyrics. In a world in which so many bands and artists feel confined by their art, Rebecca and Tim are striving to make music and meaning combined whilst not losing the sense of spectacle that runs through the greatest pop music. As with everything Golden Fable, the visual side of their live presentation involves more local talent in the costuming and the concepts behind it.

Prior to the album, Golden Fable released a single, ‘Sugarloaf’ on August 13th.


Debut album, Star Map, released 10.09.2012
Sugarloaf, single released 13.08.2012
Always Golden,single released 05.03.2012
The Chill Pt 2, single released 07.11.2011