Golden Image

Golden Image


From driving rock to melodic swaying rhythms, Golden Image defines musical competence. In an era where most popular music is sampled and/or looped computer synthesis, Golden Image delivers warmth, dynamics, and originality.


Golden Image started in 1999 by talented guitarist and songwriter Dave Johnson. Dave's vision was to create a unique, conceptual, form of instrumental music. Most of the musicians he worked with over the years did not understand, nor possessed the talent to execute his concepts. Without ever giving up, Dave eventually met up with established musicians; bassist George Hollenbeck, and drummer Todd Winkler. In 6 short months the magic of creation evolved, and the crew had finalized 18 songs total! As Dave often says, "A musical chemistry rarely, if ever, comes around like this”. The group released its debut CD, Momentum, on the first official day of summer 2006. “We are excited to get it out to everyone” says drummer Todd Winkler, “Our purpose is our love of pure music - and like Dave says, the ‘chemistry’ of creating it!”. Since its release, the CD has received sparkling reviews from music lovers all over the US, Canada, and Europe.

The band has just recently added a new keyboard player, Shawn Anderson. Shawn is extremely talented and his style was so compatable with the music that he was asked to join during the first audition. We look forward to writing and recording the next CD with Shawn.


Making It Through

Written By: Golden Image

The debut CD Momentum would not be complete without the track 'Making it Through'. The 12 song CD 'Momentum' is a musical journey, and this track is an important part of that ride. The song lays down the reality of 'making it through' life's daily challenges. An inviting tune that says, "take a seat in your favorite chair, and enjoy the ride". 'Momentum' keeps it moving forward.

Recent reviews:
Good from the start!
Reminds me of Joe Satriani. Good production + good song = good rating! Keep writing material like this.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood.

- Sprungsong
Charleston, Illinois
July 20th, 2006

Origins Unknown

Written By: Golden Image

From the debut CD "Momentum' from Golden Image, comes the progressive track 'Origins Unknown'. This instrumental adventure defines the Golden Image style with a mix of pulsating synth, melodic 'singing' guitars, and a strong solid, dynamic bottom end. Sometimes a journey is more interesting and mysterious when the origins unknown.

Back Of Your Mind

Written By: Golden Image

Back of your mind takes you slowly and melodically through a musical journey. Then, suddenly your grabbed by a fresh time signature change and interesting twist. This is a soothing, eclectic song that has deep meaning. We hope you enjoy this track - its one of 12 songs off our debut CD 'Momentum' which follows this pattern of mystery surrounding the entire CD.


'MOMENTUM' - 2006 - Golden Image Music. Produced by Dave Johnson and Todd L. Winkler. Momentum ‘drives’ you forward through an intentional execution of musical subdivisions. From the deep complexities of ‘Back Of Your Mind’ to the odd-timed rocking rhythms of ‘M.U.D.D’, the CD pleases music lovers of all genres.

ORIGINALITY DEFINED (DVD) - 2005 - Golden Image Music - A short film documenting the process of writing, producing, and recording the debut CD 'Momentum' from Golden Image. This enjoyable DVD is filled with interviews, recording sessions, and the musical concepts of three seasoned musicians and they're quest to keep PURE MUSIC alive!

Set List

All music played by Golden Image is original. No cover songs are played during any performance.

During recent appearences we play one set and are featured with other artists.

Our set lasts about 45 mins w/approx 15-20 mins to setup and tear down when playing with other acts.

Here is the most recent playlist:

Origins Unknown - heavy synth, edgy song that really start thiings out with the true feeling of what Golden Image is about.
Making It Through - We segway into this from Origins Unknown keeping the rock edge going.
The set continues with:
Chronic G
Blood Moon
Time Out
Bluze Jam
Going Home