Golden Kanine

Golden Kanine


Indie rock band that will make you both cry and dance. Bring your napkins and your dancing shoes.


Golden Kanine formed in Malmoe, Sweden around 2004. Influences are many. Sonic Youth, Tom Waits, Springsteen, Modest Mouse, Songs: Ohia to name a few.

Golden Kanine started off as a loud guitar based indie-rock band. Since then the band have started to experiment with more diverse instruments and a more intimate approach. Now the sound includes both mandolins, trombones and soaring feedback. The band doesn’t hesitate to add guest musicians on their shows and sometimes the band consists of as many as seven or eight people on stage.

After playing a couple of successful shows in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium the band signed with a German record label, Stargazer Rec.

During the spring/summer tour of 2010 in Germany they played at the Orange Blossom Special Festival, sited in the garden of well known record label Glitterhouse. There was a mutual appreciation, and later that summer Golden Kanine signed with Glitterhouse records. The story continues!


Pet Hate (2006) Pet Hate rec
Scissors & Happiness (2008) Stargazer records/Pet hate rec

Set List

Came down
God Almighty
A world to save
Law of probable outcome
A call to arms
Endless possibilities
Get by