Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


"To articulate myself through the words and music is not always easy, but it is such a worthwhile process, and as I experience, so my songs are a reflection of those experiences. I am an intensely passionate and romantic person, so I deeply enjoy love songs; however, as I learn to cherish my growth as a woman, most of what you will hear now will be largely associated with spirituality, sexuality/high energy and the affirmation of women. To put it simply, I am a lover of people, the sensual, the spiritual and on this journey, I am learning to fall in love with myself. My greatest hope is that in listening to my songs, people will fall in love!"

Alexa Gold has made love a fine art when it comes to her music. She has nurtured and blossomed within the intensely demanding Philadelphia music scene, and has exploded all over stages in NYC, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, DC and most recently Miami for the Winter Music Conference. Passionate about all kinds of music, her live shows incorporate her love and skill in R&B/Soul, Pop, House and Rock, and she credits her versatility to her early work as a background singer for a wide variety of acts, including rock singer/guitarist Ghettosongbird. She also developed an ear and style for House music, writing singles such as the popular "Selene-The Goddess of the Moon", and "Is It Possible" with famed Philly Soulful House production duo StealVybe, co-produced an album called "The Art of Seduction" at Powa Productions in Philadelphia and is currently working on her latest project "Free Love" with an extraordinary young musician/producer, *Digital* Mario Crew! Alexa's experiences have also urged her to write, and has proudly begun to make a name for herself in journalism, having an article published in Philly Indie magazine JUMP about her burgeoning mentor-ship under Jaguar Wright (of The Roots Crew):

Initially branding herself as GOLDENLOVER, Alexa Gold is always looking for ways to expand her life and musical experiences, and loves to collaborate with artists of all kinds to create shows and music that transforms...Make sure to check out where GOLDENLOVER will be next!!

"Being a "goldenlover", is about positivity and power in beauty, love, spirit, kindness and compassion, but always treating yourself with value...A thing of gold is a valued commodity, and being and having a great lover is something of worth as well, so put those things together...hmmm ;-)"

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