Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids



The Golden Pyramids is a rock n roll musical project by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist William Pyramid, which was formed in 2009. William created the project while touring around the Southeast, with other regional
bands. Through many trails and tribulations, Golden Pyramids released their first single in July 2011 on iTunes titled "My Love is For You,". The song is a catchy pop rock song with a dance beat that latches on to your ear drums and soul from the first listen. The Golden Pyramids have amassed a nice resumé of bands and artist that the group has opened for including Rock N Roll Hall of Famers George Clinton and the Funkadelics, Grammy award winning Ying Yang Twins, and Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. The Golden Pyramids have also graced the campuses of many Southeastern colleges and universities. The band has also toured the Northeast playing 20 dates in high caliber venues in NYC. William Pyramids is currently in pre-production preparing to release new Golden Pyramid material via internet with intentions to release physical copies through major and indie distribution companies.


Single Relase "My Love is For You" available on iTunes