Goldenseal is a cutting edge power pop-rock band with great hooks and uplifting lyrics. Positive vibe and great live appearances is what this band is all about. The fans always leave feeling uplifted and wanting more.


Goldenseal is an American power pop-rock band. The band was formed in 1999 by frontman Joe Hughes. The name derives from a nutritional supplement which is supposed to boost one's immunity to illness and make you feel better.
This concept fits the band since its music has the same goal: to touch the listener in a positive and personal way.
In a short time this vibe has spread quickly. Goldenseal garnered Asbury Music Award nominations in 2003, 2004 and 2005 as the "Top Pop Band", "Top Rock Band", and for the "Top Local Release" for "Goldenseal 1."
In 2004, Goldenseal scored a major coup by being chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the WDHA 105.5 FM "Best Unsigned Band" in New Jersey competition.
In addition, Goldenseal has been tapped to open for many national acts including: Better Than Ezra, Chris Barron of The Spin Doctors and Rick Springfield.
Goldenseal is set apart from other bands because when they are on-stage the club feels good to be in. You feel compelled to sing along with the great hooks and move to the awesome rhythms of drummer Pat Martucci and bassist Jesse Kessler. The blazing guitar hooks of John Bongiovanni will rock you too.
The band has also attracted a whole new host of fans with "acoustic Goldenseal" by playing gigs where the songs are performed in "unplugged" fashion.



Written By: Joe Hughes

You are free now
The black smoke releases your soul
Youre all we see now
The world watched while u took control
Of a destiny that would challenge a face in the sky
Leaving a legacy found inside your final goodbyes

A cold rain falls while a search continues for truth
Right thru the shattered glass
A man appears he's carrying u
And every man and woman
Who holds a promise to rebuild a dream
While a soul is singing
And the song is heard thru the streets

Heroes Where are my heroes?
I found you to be the ones

And on the stairs to heaven we will see u rise above
The visions of castles and towers and
never ending love
Our love
Your love

They cant hurt u now
Youre a star that lites up the sky
Theres no more questions now
No more answers or wondering why
he will watch over you
And b inside u the rest of your life
And he will love u
be rite above u and b your guide
Heroes Where are my heroes?
I found you to b the ones

Silver Meteor

Written By: Joe Hughes

Baby grab your coat
Put on your summer dress
Forget about the cold outside
Forget about the mess
Going to the station
cause u know this life's insane
Gonna take ourselves inside
And catch the latest train

Its been a long cold lonely winter for me and u
Looking for a warmer way for us to see it thru
If you only reach out you'll see what lies inside
My heart is waiting for u
On the very next ride

The Silver Meteor
Gonna take that Silver Meteor
Straight to your heart

Never gonna question why I love
Never gonna question why u love me
Never gonna question why I need u
Im never gonna question

Look out your window up to the borialis
A million years of innocence
Could never make u callous
I sit and dream about the things u said today
Whisper to myself
That our love will find a way

On The Silver Meteor
Gonna take that Silver Meteor
Come on ride that Silver Meteor
Straight to your heart


Written By: Joe Hughes

I have been down this road alone
So many times
I forget all the names and places
I left behind
But I remember well the day that I the day that I, felt your love
And I remember well the day u left me
For the world above

Ill b here if u want me to b
If u want me to b
You must learn to forgive yourself
If u want to b free

When you have got nothing to lose
You have everything to gain
I felt this so very many times
I will feel u again
And I would do anything, yes anything
To lose this pain
Oh yes and I swear to u
I swear to you my love
I will see u again

Ill b here if u want me to be
If u want me to b
U must learn to forgive yourself baby
if u want to b free


"Goldenseal 1" is currently being played on 90.5 The Night and 88.7 Rutgers radio in New Jersey. In addition, the CD is being played in Germany and Argentina and on several internet radio stations. Joe Hughes and Goldenseal are also regular guests on WRSU Rutgers radio on Geoff Pape's show: "Passing The Torch" and on Brian's "Overnite Sensations" radio show. ('s first TV appearance will be on Princeton Cable access at the "Cafe Improv."

Set List

Goldenseal's typical set list involves both originals and covers. Goldenseal has some great sing along tunes like: Streets of America, Heroes and Demons. Goldenseal also plays very popular tunes by Tom Petty, Cold Play, Green Day, U2 and Bruce Springsteen.
Here are some sample covers: American Girl, Mary Jane's Last Dance (Tom Petty); Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Warning (Green Day), Stuck In A Moment, All Because of You (U2); Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen), Let It Be, (Beatles), Can't Always Get What U Want (Rolling Stones), Rocking In The Free World (Neil Young) .
A full song list is available on request and Goldenseal is easily capable of 3 to 4 hours of music in a nite.