Los Angeles, California, USA

Rivetingly charismatic, menacing, and possessed of an almost divine intensity, Golden State embraces and articulates an anthemic fervor of rock music with a power and eloquence unparalleled by any of their contemporaries.


Possessed of an almost divine intensity and riveting charisma, Golden State fervently embraces anthemic rock music with a power and eloquence unparalleled by any of their contemporaries.

Golden State’s fusion of U2’s classic songwriting and Radiohead’s controversial arrangements is crafted by lead vocalist/guitarist James Grundler, bassist Alex Parnell, lead guitarist Marc Boggio, and drummer Fernando Sanchez. With a knack for big, melodic hooks, Golden State turns catchy numbers into sweeping, sprawling epic rockers.

Rising from the ashes of the burnt-out music industry, the Los Angeles-based band languished in relative obscurity while waiting for the rest of the music world to play catch-up, creating one of the most complex and rewarding bodies of work in modern rock ‘n’ roll long before most listeners even learned of the group’s existence.

Now, the group has garnered the respect of esteemed artists like Elton John, Bono and Scott Weiland (who covered Grundler’s 'Some Things Must Go This Way' on his latest solo album).

Golden State has shared the stage with everyone from The Bravery to Stone Temple Pilots, and shared the studio with the 2005 Grammy Producer of the Year, John Shanks.

It was with Shanks that Grundler cowrote Westlife’s 'Safe'; a single that is proving to be their biggest hit to date.

Raising the bar with a gigantic sound that knows no boundaries--this is Golden State.


Album Releases:
Problem Reaction Solution Vol. 1
Problem Reaction Solution Vol. 2
Problem Reaction Solution Vol. 3
The Golden Rule EP

All Roads Lead Home - Henry Poole Is Here/Deadliest Catch
This Time - KROQ

Music Placement listings:

Set List

(40-45 min set)

World On Fire
High Noon
Light Speed
All Roads Lead Home
The Outsiders
Setting Sun
Splinters Out