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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Soul





Interview with GoldFord:

As we wandered behind the stage, stumbling upon the grassy hill overlooking the six tennis courts and sweeping blue sea, we decided this would suffice as a good resting spot. He plopped down as I followed Goldford’s example, praying that my rockstar wannabe too-tight skinny jeans wouldn’t rip.

I looked to my right and saw Barnett sitting Indian style with a band member or friend. I couldn’t tell which one. I was tempted to shout out to him and ask why he wasn’t at the beach yet.

A couple minutes after we began our interview, Barnett and his associate left. They either went to the beach or got annoyed with us invading their view.

I focused my attention back to GoldFord. Jeffrey David Goldford, who goes by the stage name of just “Goldford” is a Missouri native who didn’t realize until 20 years old that he had a gift. He attended the University of Kansas, where he majored in journalism with the intention of being a book copyrighter. There, he lived with a bunch of guys and would only sing in the car or shower. One day, Goldford thought he was home alone, he wasn’t. “I thought I was alone, and somebody heard me sing in the shower and they were like ‘dude you can kind of sing’ and I got the courage to try an open mic night,” Goldford said.

Although his musical career didn’t manifested until he was about 20 years old, Goldford always had a deep appreciation for different musical melodies. “My mom and dad told me that when I was two I asked for the Thriller album, and I knew every word by the time I was three. I’ve always loved music, but I never thought I could play music. Never sang or played any instruments, until I was about 20 and in college.”

Goldford grew up listening to two types of music in his formative years: all the old soul stuff like Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, and folk singer-songwriter stuff like Kenny Logins and Simon and Garfunkel.

His own soulful sound is evident on his debut album “Shed a Little Light.” Goldford describes his own voice, “This sound naturally came out when I started playing music that was this soulful kind of topline with folk body and that’s been awesome. But it’s this really big canvas so it’s been crazy because I’ve been able to write songs in all different types of music styles that I enjoy,” Goldford said.

Goldford knows that his journey is an evolving creative process. “I think it’s become a little bit more concentrated. You start to cut off the corners and sculpt something that’s more cohesive and I guess shiny.” In the future, Goldford would love to collaborate with Bruno Mars, Dan Wilson and the Weekend because “I love his lyric and his melody, and it’s always just really interesting way of saying something that’s simple.”

About a year ago, Goldford packed up and moved to Nashville, and is definitely happy about the decision. “I think Nashville is such a creative place. Just like LA, there is so much going on. Everybody is always collaborating and it’s really cool to watch it evolve, and to be a part of it,” Goldford said.

What’s next for Goldford? He plans on intensively writing and recording for the next three to four months. After 12 years of being in the music industry, Golford has accepted this path. “I ran from music for a long time, I didn’t fully pursue it for a lot of reasons, but finally, and I have the song called “Never Settle” that was on my last album that is about just kind of letting go of all the fear and doubt that will drive you not to do or to do so many things, and I think that a lot of people feel that,” Goldford admitted.

We looked out one last time into the cotton-ball sky before deciding it was time to take some selfies. I mean, pictures or it didn’t happen, am I right? - Pepperdine University Graphic


Hi Jeffrey, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I have been fantast! Been writing like crazy. In Nashville, NYC and LA. Really excited about the new stuff that I have been laying down. Excited to be talking with you guys. Thank you for having me.
Can you tell us more about the story behind your latest track ¨Style Like You¨?
Absolutely. “Style Like You” is a really fun song that just spilled out in the moment during a writing session in LA. We recorded it that day. It really showed me that every song doesn’t have to be so deep. The fun and playful side of life is just as important to capture.
What inspired you to write this song?
Style like you is about a girl. A girl who has no clue that this song is about her. I live in East Nashville and go to this coffee shop every week at the same time. There is this woman there and she comes in about the same time as I do. There is something about the way she carries herself. It’s not necessarily about what she is wearing or even how she looks. She has this swagger and presence about her when she walks in that commands the room. I notice everyone can’t stop looking at her. They try to hide the constant looks as thy casually sip on their coffee drinks. I wonder if she even knows that she commands this. My guess is that she does. But I have never seen someone do this so consistently every time she walks in. In my mind I make up this whole persona and story as to who she is, what she does and where she is going. Then in a writing trip out to LA she popped into my mind. “Style Like You” was born.

I can hear a strong influence of Bruno Mars and Sam Smith – do they play a role in your music?
They do indeed. I am a big fan of both artists. Sam has such a raw way of explaining emotion. I think that is one of the key reasons why he has been so successful. Bruno on the other hand has such a unique way of being playful and writes such infectious melodies.
How was the recording and writing process?
It was quick. Sometimes you really have to fight to write the song to its truest form. It takes several rewrites and weeks of production tweaks for a true direction to emerge. With “Style Like You” we wrote it in an hour and it has pretty much stayed true to form. We knew it was something cool and so we went into the studio that afternoon to lay it down. We did the music in LA, the vocals in Chicago and the over dubs in Nashville. I think the different flavors all come together nicely in the track.
Does the new single means we can expect a new album – how´s that coming along?
You bet. I have been a writing machine lately. We have about half of the album completed. For the next few months I will be writing in NYC, Nashville and LA to finish the missing pieces. I’m really excited about the variety of vibes that this record is going to have. It’s got upbeat, mid tempo and a few killer striped down ballads. I hope my fans really enjoy listening as much as I have writing and recording it.
Any tentative release date or title in mind?
We are shooting for early Spring of 2016. I know the title and could tell you…. But I’d have to kill you.
Any plans to hit the road?

Just got finished with a great summer worth of shows. Was so fortunate to play some great shows with so many amazing bands like The X Ambassadors, The Mowgli’s, Michael McDonald and American Authors. I will be doing a few shows throughout the rest of the year but look to start hitting the road in spring of 2016.
What else is happening next in Goldford´s world?
It’s been a killer year. We landed a number of Advertisement and TV placements this year with HBO, Netflix, and VH1. “Style Like You” was also used for Belk’s national college football commercial campaign. We have a number of more exciting things in the hopper; tour, album, some interesting new videos. Stay tuned on YouTube and all of my social media! I have been blown away by the messages and videos that I have been receiving from my fans. I’m floored every time. This might sound silly and cliché, but hearing from them makes my day. Knowing that what we’re creating has an impact makes any struggle in this industry worth it. - VENTS MAGAZINE

"Chicago Sun Times"

For most people, singing in the shower means performing for an audience of one while pretending to be an acclaimed singer. But for Chicagoan Jeffrey Goldford, it launched an entirely new career. When his college roommates overheard him belting out tunes while washing up, they encouraged him to try for a larger stage than their shared bathroom.

After graduation and a move to Austin, Goldford honed his chops as a singer and songwriter. His band The Everyday People landed a Nashville booking agent and toured for four years, steadily building a cross-country fan base.

By 2010, Goldford faced his toughest audience to date. As a contestant on “American Idol,” he performed for the notoriously harsh Simon Cowell, and was voted through to the top 30. The once-in-a-lifetime experience shaped his first solo album, “Hindsight,” and the hit single was featured on 90210.

Goldford’s album cover

This month, Goldford launches his debut album “Shed a Little Light.” The album’s title track and first single were inspired by the recent passing of Goldford’s aunt from Stage IV breast cancer.

“I wanted to let her know that we can always find hope, even in the direst of situations. I hope this song can continue to serve as inspiration for my family and others facing terminal diseases.” “Shed a Little Light” was recorded and produced in Los Angeles by seasoned veterans Ethan Phillips and Danny Chaimson, who have worked with a collection of talent including Fitz & the Tantrums, OAR and Solange. For Goldford, it was a true collaboration, blending his signature rock and roll sound with lyrical storytelling.

“This new album is a culmination of everything that I am. As a solo artist I was able to explore different instrumentation, arrangements and genres to build out exactly what has been in my head over this past decade and I’m thrilled with final result. Plain and simple, you don’t have to settle for what you want, and with ‘Shed a Little Light,’ I didn’t. “

Goldford will celebrate his album launch with a performance at Lincoln Hall on August 29 at 8 p.m. Scoop up tickets at and check out his album on iTunes and Spotify. - Rachel Gillman


Album: Shed A Little Light 2013
Single: Style Like You 2015


Feeling a bit camera shy


It all starts with a voice. And after hearing the emotive, gritty and always soulful sound of GoldFord, it is clear that a voice like this is rare.

There’s something wonderfully original about Goldford. Beautifully blending classic and modern styles into a catchy cocktail of pop and soul. He is one part Sam Smith, one part Bruno Mars with a splash of Sam Cooke.

GoldFord’s debut album “Shed a Little Light,” released in the fall of 2013, received immediate recognition by Pandora naming him a 2014 Artist To Watch. And much of the music industry did just that. Goldford has landed several impressive licensing placements with Netflix, Jeep, HBO, Belk, etc. and has recently shared the stage with the American Authors, X Ambassadors, The Mowgli’s, and Michael McDonald.

GoldFord’s new single “Style Like You" ( was just released and fans can expect an evolved sound of feelgood soulful swagger. Keep an eye out for a new album and tour dates coming in 2016.

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