Gold & Gunmetal

Gold & Gunmetal


Gold & Gunmetal is not for everybody. It's an acquired taste, a more sophisticated listen. If you already have the palette for psychedelic, progressive rock like that of King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, or Tool, you may indeed be delighted with what Gold & Gunmetal has to offer.


Gold & Gunmetal began with Scott and Sami writing songs together during 2005. Upon his arrival from Detroit to New York at the start of 2006, Zach began rehearsing regularly with the band. Ed was brought into the fold as an engineer/bass player when the band began recording it's debut album in summer '07.
Though the band has not played more than 20 shows in their 3 year history, rehearsing 3 times a week has kept them very sharp. If you get the opportunity to see Gold & Gunmetal live, your emotions will be stirred by something; whether it be Scott's dark lyrical content or searing guitar work, Sami's intricately laced piano work, or the unbridled energy that Ed and Zach bring as the rhythm section. If Sami and Scott are Gold, then Ed and Zach are Gunmetal. You'll get it. Just listen.

Set List

Set lists change given the set of circumstances (who's on the bill, what the venue is).
But here is a list of our songs, some of which are not on the debut album:

Day All The Time
Baghdad Silk
Ashes of the Earth
Gather in Circles
Devil's Hairlip
This Angry City
The Elitist
The Fire
You're Fucked