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Long Beach, California, United States | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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Goldie Mac - Cali Hi Life 2008 - Artist/Performer
Tha Westronauts - Cosmic California 2007, 280i Records - Producer, Performer, Engineer
Ride 4 U - I'm Bout It Soundtrack, No limit Records - Producer
Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath, Aftermath Records - Producer
CAZ - Goin Head Up - Glasshouse Records
True Blue - N.O.T.S.
True Blue - Y.O.L.O
True Blue - Sky 2 Da C
Norwalks Most Wanted
Watts Town Criminals
MacIntire - Are U Ready




I usually say who gives a fux about a bio. It’s about the muzik. But oh well lets see what we can come up with... GOLDIE MAC, Born as Jameel Campbell... I call LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA home now dAZe. Grew up mostly in Denver CO but had stints in Albequrque/Gallup, NM, Boulder Co., Vega$... I Grew up everywhere. which was a good thang. I Found my love for Hip Hop in the streets of Denver at age 8 or 9 or so. Kurtis Blow, The Breaks, and Rappers Delight were the 1st two 12" I ever picked up from Apple Records on Colfax. I'ght but enough reminiscing down memory lane... It's a Long Beach Thang now daze. Moved to the LB in 86. Big Up to Wilson High and all that. So I started recording professionally around '89 or so. My first joint was "I CAME FROM THE POUND" (some other cats kinda ran with that as we all know, but its all love). That was a joint I did with DJ 5.0. At the time we called ourselves I.R.O.C. Since then I've spent alot of time behind the boards as a producer. Produced joints 4 MASTER P (Bout It Soundtrack), DR. DRE (... presents the Aftermath), CAZ, KURRUPT, ROSCOE, SHADE SHEIST, RAZ kASS, N.O.T.S (True Blue I,II,III). It goes on and on. But I finally had to push away from the mixing desk and say fux this its time 4 Goldie Mac to do his thing. So I Been In the Lab working on my baby... the "CALI HI LIFE" album. Although I've probably produced half the Gangsta Rap Albums in L.A., Lately I look around and really cant stomach what I see. I mean the world is really Fucked up mang. between a monkey ass fool in our whitehouse to Black on Black, Black on Brown, Brown on Brown crime, killing, violence, Poverty... I really cant spend no more time talking about how my fuckin ChAin BLiNG or how big my RiMz iz. WHO GIVES A FUCK. And thats the direction the "CALI HI LIFE" album has taken... I mean its a fun album. I'll dedicate a song or two to the good life, and Fast Livin, Tits and Ass. Shit I love all that shit too. but I truly believe theres a message in the muzik if u listen closely. CALI HI LIFE has definitely been a labor of love... so as the time quickly approaches that I release this long overdue album, I hope u the people who matter the most, will love and appreciate it as much as I do. i'ght... WONLUV... Goldie Mac... LBC