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Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Goldini Bagwell (Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut) album"

Please See URL (text Is locked on linked site). - Crayon Beats

"Goldini Bagwell – Desire Is… (Video)"

I am just going to go ahead and say it as I see it: Every year Goldini Bagwell drops an album, you are guaranteed to get a Top Ten track for the year from the project, and this one very well might be that joint for 2014. Bagwell is just the type of artist whose flow sometimes just defies description. It’s mesmerizing at times. It’s even moreso on this joint because the beat and the vocals are simply hypnotic leaving me the listener entrances by the song. The video is produced by cohort Sapient and he did an excellent job with the visuals and transitions. - HIpHopDependecy

"Top 50 Songs (2013)"

Disclaimer: It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year. It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012. Click the links to listen to the song! I think it’s a great list. There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones. I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Said Before – Goldini Bagwell

2. Rhyme Of The Year – Nino Bless

3. Believers – Mayday

4. Outlive, Outshine - Theo3

5. War – Stryfe and Marc Byrd

6. Pain – Nutso

7. Andy Dufresne – Jus Daze

8. Vio-Lence – DJ Skizz, Lil Fame, and Ill Bill

9. Protocol - Ullnevano and Logic Marsellis

10. Take A Look Around – One Dae - HIpHopDependecy

"Goldini Bagwell – Secondhand Smoke (X​-​Ray EP) (2013)"

The most unique member of the Sandpeople crew, Goldini Bagwell, has finally released the sequel to his criminally slept on Chainsmoke album. And while not as deep in terms of the number of tracks on the project, it’s equal in it’s artistic potency.

Once again the production is fielded by Pmpee Beats out of Finland (I think, no for sure. He’s from Finland). The cohesion between producer and emcee at this point is seamless. They now have two projects under their belts and the two are always on time and in sync throughout the course of each song.

From the set off with the title track Secondhand Smoke we are able to hear Bagwell’s uncanny ability to bend language to his beckon call. A dark, ethereal Pmpee beat pulses slightly underneath Bagwell’s vocals and we hear that vintage wordplay that is overall very slept on (yet celebrated here). He uses references in his phrases like “Flying sitting Coach Rex Ryan with a strategy for smashing teams” It’s just an impressive display of joining phrases that is merely a tone to be set for the rest of the EP.

The gem of the EP and perhaps Bagwell’s entire discography, is the next cut, Said Before. Pmpee unleashes a soulful and extremely addictive production. It has big drums, but it’s the guitar/synth sequence that will get the populous open. It is on this track that Bagwell lets it all go. It sounds like every thought and emotion that has been inside of his body is unleashed in three verses. It’s one of the ‘must hear’ joints of 2013. Let me give you a lyrical sampling of his first verse:

Two months in and this year been crazy / Love of my life rockin’ someone elses baby / Unhappy with close peeps but can’t even talk about it /All while I’m sitting on this slept on album / A few months later I can’t even call the outcome / Trying to quit my job but I’m scared to live without one / I try to take a walk and think before I let my mouth run / Like I might be done in but I won’t be outdone / How come I let these people get the best of me? / They never know it / I don’t show it / I hold it impressively…

The next track is definitely a change of pace that involves Bagwell’s contemporaries, Illmaculate and Al-One. This track is driven by the drums then Pmpee lets the horns blow while DJ Spark chops it up. It’s on a track like this where you can hear, and appreciate, the varying styles of the Sandpeople crew. You can hear the gruff bluntness of Al-One, the polish and precision of Illmaculate, and the clever assembly of words from Goldini Bagwell. I think it’s a true testament to the crew as a whole that they can boast such dynamic potential, and this is just a fraction of it’s components.

There’s a lot of dope material packed into just seven tracks. On Vanglorious, Bagwell combines forces with Serge Severe and Sleep to create another well construed posse cut. The rhymes from each emcee are uniquely woven but come together perfectly for the track’s purpose.

At Hip Hop Dependency I try to make ita habit of bringing you both the dope and unique. If Goldini Bagwell doesn’t fulfill both criteria, I don’t know who does. His approach to the rhyme scheme is atypical. There is so much in the way of internal rhyme and hidden meaning, but Bagwell makes it seem so effortless. It’s part conversational, and it’s another part cathartic monologue, but whatever part you get, you can rest assured it was delivered in the best way possible. - HipHopDependecy


Fresh off a month long tour, Goldini Bagwell of Sandpeople takes a moment to reflect over a vibey Smoke M2D6 beat for the April installment of his monthly Smoker’s Jacket series. “Over Do” is an ode to the lifestyle of doing too much for too little and the strange delirium that only an extensive traveler knows. Stay tuned for the next #SmokersJacket single dropping May 14th! -

"The Inlander's Music Festival For All"



Performing as part of K Records and THEE XNTRX Present: All Your Friend's Friends, a NW Hip Hop Showcase
You know how when you smoke a bunch of weed and you start rapping along with Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” and it seems like you should definitely start a career as a hip-hop artist? Well, the truth is you’re probably not that good. Goldini Bagwell, on the other hand, is great. Comparisons will inevitably be made to Aesop Rock and the Def Jux sound, and they would be accurate. But that’s not a bad thing. - Volume Fest

"Presenting: Beats by Portland, Vol. 1, a hip-hop mixtape"

Portland hip-hop is having a moment.

Tope drew blog notice across the country with "Broke Boy Syndrome." Illmaculate started dropping a new song every week. Cool Nutz just released an album brewed up by Stumptown producers. And wherever you turn, Portland producers and MCs are stepping their games up, whether it's with compelling visuals or SoundCloud fire.

Here, I've gathered the best tracks from the first quarter of this year (and 2014: couldn't leave out Myke Bogan) in a compilation intended to be listened to from front to back. Some of these songs are in our running Portland 2015 playlist, but it felt like time to give them a little more shine. Yes, Portland's still a long way from New York, L.A. or Atlanta, but if you've been sleeping on the city, it's time to roll over, snooze the alarm and turn this mixtape up. -

"Goldini Bagwell ft illmaculate & David Lincoln Mann - Virtual Reality (prod Chase Moore)"

Sandpeople's Goldini returns with the June Installment of the #SmokersJacket Series titled "Virtual Reality" which features Illmaculate and David Lincoln Mann produced by Chase Moore. -


Still working on that hot first release.



Goldini Bagwell is an international man of mystery but he might share some of his secrets if you are polite enough to put his Angels Bathwater™ on your tab. His first splash as a solo artist was in 2011 with Chainsmoke; an introductory LP that resonated with audiences all over the world thanks to Goldini’s carefully constructed narratives and producer Pmpee Beat’s intricate sound. Since then, he has logged countless hours on the road with back to back European tours alongside his crew – the Northwest indie rap juggernauts known as Sandpeople. In 2014 Goldini joined Illmaculate and Sapient on a 3 week West Coast tour and a midwest/east coast tour with Fake Four/Rhymesayers Heaveyweights Grayskul in support of his new album Secondhand Smoke - a two-part project consisting of the free X-Ray EP and the Extended CutBoth were produced by Lahti, Finland-based Pmpee Beats and are available now. 

Bagwell's started 2015 off strong with a month long tour already under his belt as main support for Fake Four artists Dark Time Sunshine that took him down the west coast and thru the midwest playing both SXSW and Treefort Music fest as promotion for the Smokers Jacket Series where he'll been releasing a brand new song on the 14th of every month. 

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