in the musical style of jeff buckley, belle & sebastian and pj harvey, comes the pop/rock duet goldman. *file under indie-rock*


Compared to Belle & Sebastian, Cat Power and Jeff Buckley...Goldman is the creative collision of two diverse artists. This duo formed out of an inherent need to make great music in a simplistic form. Carving their own niche with just guitar, vocal, and drums they explore the boundaries of rock, soul, and latin to create some of the most compelling and authentic shows in the area. They have stripped away all the distractions to deliver sincere vocals over uniquely progressive changes and grooves. Being a band since the fall of 2003, this grass root, independent duo Goldman, continues to gain momentum by touring constantly and gaining loyal fans along the way. They have taken songs from their powerful live performances and just released a Live CD and plan to record a studio CD with Brian Deck of Modest Mouse fame.


LIVE (2004)

Set List

2-3 hours of orginal songs.
Covers range from Joni Mitchell to Jeff Buckley to The Who to PJ Harvey.