Gold Mind Productions™

Gold Mind Productions™

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Sacred Ground Entertainment releases music for hip-hop fans that not only inspires, but begins a party right off the back. All beats and tracks are carefully selected to provide consumers with an elite sound in Hip-hop.


Gold Mind Productions was born in the industry of music by recording engineer Mr. Jay.
From a small recording studio supplying recording services to serve artists’ growing demand in the Portland, OR music scene to producing and arranging entire songs. Jay was building upon his experience of working in the world class Apollo Sound Production Recording Studio as a recording engineer.
After leaving the recording engineering contract with the then dwindling Apollo Sound Productions Studio in Portland, Jay was searching for options. With no where to go, but back home to a small home recording studio, Jay began to utilize his longtime invested in recording equipment’s purpose and began recording Portland artists, Sacred Ground Entertainment’s artists, a Native American pow-wow group, and perfecting the beats to what would later become known as Gold Mind Productions. Then, located in the heart of downtown Portland, OR, Gold Mind Productions not only offered music production, but elegance with a ‘top of the world’ view of the city stretching miles beyond.
After working with numerous artists throughout the city of Portland, Gold Mind Productions began to create a demand for its beats as artists expressed desparate need to get noticed and heard. Mr. Jay began finding a new sound that suited any and all artists, yet a product he could stand by with a satisfaction gurantee. From conducting hip-hop beats to rhythm & blues to reggaeton, Jay was suiting to get an overwhelming experience around music he hadn’t contemplated, but began to portray such a grasping determination that artists’ anticipation grew.
Gold Mind Productions has begun to make its mark in Hip-hop as the recent release of “Lifestyle Muzik” by Bigg B of Sacred Ground Entertainment is projected to take audiences like a storm. Gold Mind Productions provided all 18 carefully selected songs for the album and will soon reap the benefits of working with Sacred Ground Entertainment. With upcoming releases, growing demand, and equipment purchases, Gold Mind Productions is set for the most explosive year in business.
Gold Mind Productions is now an Entity of Sacred Ground Entertainment.


Kid Espi's "Home Team" & "Sunshine", J Kronic's "Friday Night" & "Cutt Throat", & Bigg B

Set List

We perform about 20 songs from upbeat to mellow and chill. The sets last from about 45 min. to an hour.