"Goldrush should be the next big thing. Their record overflows with brilliantly catchy songs that will appeal to fans of music ranging from Wilco to Keane. Pop music can still be satisfying when it is done the right way, and Goldrush does just that."


This is Goldrush; a group of young men from Oxford, England crafting songs of strength and heartbreak (and other matters). They run their own label (Truck Records); they organise their own festival (The Truck Festival - 3 000 people down on the farm every July); and write songs with inspiration far from the current climate: Legends like Neil Young, Nick Drake and The Band, and more recent American innovators like Grandaddy and Mercury Rev. Their willful independence demonstrates there is still a viable underground scene. For 3 years they have been gently subverting the nation's youth. This is their story:

In 2001, Goldrush formed and began playing the local club network in Oxford, England. Word of mouth soon spread about the band and their songs leaving onlookers wondering how such a young band could sound so classic. Goldrush released their much-anticipated debut single in April of that year, the now famed "Same Picture" which saw the band sign with EMI/Virgin and begin the long slog into super stardom. The band toured with likeminded groups such as Electric Soft Parade, Elbow and heroes and gurus Flaming Lips. During this time, Goldrush recorded their debut album "Don't Bring Me Down" at Abbey Road Studios.

With the release of "Don't Bring Me Down" in 2002, Goldrush began carving out a niche of their own, with constant trucking and touring throughout the UK. It wasn't just their own driving seats that Goldrush found comfort in, as the lead single from the debut album "Wide Open Sky" found itself on car stereos everywhere winning playlisting on Radio 2, BBC 6, Evening Session and XFM.
The album followed suit with acclaim from all directions and work on the next album began with the band constantly writing and recording in their own studio: Truck Studios. In October 2002, the relationship with Virgin came to an amicable end, with both parties deciding that they just weren't suited to each other, what with the lack of "urban" influence in Goldrush's music and all....

In 2003, Goldrush returned home to their own label: Truck Records. With an unstoppable Do-It-Yourself attitude, Goldrush runs an indie label, recording studio and the summer "Truck Festival" taking place at a farm in South Oxfordshire. As a testament to the band's passion to expand their reach, Goldrush toured the United States twice in 2003. The first tour found them both opening for Mark Gardener (of Ride) and being his backing band. This tour brought forth Goldrush's "Trailerpark club", which had originated in a dank cellar in Oxford. The idea was that like-minded artists could tour together and even play together onstage, a little like the Rolling Thunder tours of the Seventies.

In 2004, Goldrush finished recording their greatest material to date, which will see the light of day in the form of the "Ozona" full-length to be released on Better Looking Records in North America in the summer of 2005. The eleven tracks include production duties from Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Tyde) and Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev). Keep an eye out for Goldrush touring the U.S. and Canada in the Summer/Fall of 2005!


2005 - "Ozona" (Better Looking Records)
2003 - "Extended Play" EP (Truck Records)
2002 - "Same Picture" EP (EMI)
2002 - "Don't Bring Me Down" (EMI)