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'Gold Rush' is a BAND.
It's a short fact, but they are exactly that. Designed with patience and study; they are the result of a near-maniacal attention to a clear musical vision: Music made by musicians, and accessible to all.

Gold Rush draws from the 60s, 70s and today's country music to deliver a modern, yet timeless commercial sound. With soulful harmonies, driving rhythms and snappy lyrics, their music is a direct hybrid of the old and of the new - combining their favorite components of the music they admire into one charismatically fresh package.

With a presence and confidence that is translated in their music, Gold Rush knows exactly who they are musically; and the result is their undeniably original sound. Strong melodies and harmonies are a highlight of the band, but as all members are accomplished percussionists, they deliver their music with the intent and knowledge of an even keener rhythm section.

A little History:

Stacey Cato (vocals) and Chip Webster (guitar) met on the West Coast as a result of their tours in Drum Corps International (DCI). In the Santa Clara Vanguard and the Concord Blue Devils they traveled and competed through the country from the pillar corps's of DCI -- and as times and tours were, they may never have met ... But as two drummers from Georgia and Texas respectively, their friendship was forged rapidly in California, and the two sang and performed together in local Bay Area rock bands during DCI's off-seasons.

Stacey's move to Nashville aligned him with Tim Blain (bass), a fellow employee at CMT (Country Music Television). An accomplished writer and multi-instrumentalist from Kentucky -- Tim's kinship with Stacey was immediate as well. Soon thereafter, Chip moved to Nashville to begin writing with Stacey and to collaborate on the task of forming the rest of the band. Knowing Tim was the right man for the job, Stacey introduced the two, and the three began writing and playing together constantly.

Camden McConnell's move from his native California to Nashville was a matter of serendipity and divine logic. Having toured with Chip in the Santa Clara Vanguard and with Stacey in the Concord Blue Devils, Camden (the Actual drummer), was a foregone conclusion for Gold Rush. His sensibilities as a drummer's drummer made him a family-member-come-home.

Gold Rush is not the first band in the world, and not the last, but certainly the one you've been missing. If you have seen or heard anything like Gold Rush, you'll remember.

If you haven't -- you won't forget.