anodyne gearheart

anodyne gearheart


Labrynt's music has a buoyancy that carries the listener through to the heart of her elocution. Her songs often sound happy when in fact, they are quite sad and lean toward lovers, loss, and transcending the travails of living.


Anodyne Gearheart is Labrynt Jamie McLaughlin; better known as Goldstar. Goldstar made its start when Labrynt picked up a guitar in 1998 and started writing songs. Her beginnings in poetry and creative writing lead to an emphasis on lyrical content as the driving force behind her work.

She is inspired by a love of home recording (The Magnetic Fields, Sebadoh circa "Freed Weed"); the character of the songwriter (Neil Young, P. J. Harvey); and music that speaks of the human condition and the magic stuff of life (Syd Barrett, Neutral Milk Hotel).

This visual artist turned chanteuse has performed abundantly in the Pacific Northwest, and across the United States. In March, 2007 she took her warble and her musings to perform in Japan. Labrynt has had the pleasure and the privilege of sharing the stage with Lou Barlow, Kimya Dawson, Amy Annelle, Mt. Eerie, Mirah, Federation X and many other beloved bands.

After settling into her new home in Portland, Oregon, Labrynt is preparing to work on her next record.


"I Wish You All The Happiness You Allow Yourself" ~goldstar
Lightpost Records LP 2003

"The Puppateer's Family Portrait" ~goldstar
What The Heck? Compilation
Know Yr Own Records 2003

"Minotaur Toybox" ~goldstar
Postcards Compilation
Living Room & Ugly Dog Records
the Netherlands 2004

Set List

Set list consists of 30- 45 minutes of original material with an occasional cover for interest and homage. Covers have been of the likes of Pavement, Gillian Welch, and Syd Barrett.