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Gold Streets

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Good As Gold For Gold Streets"

"New York City's the Gold Streets have something to celebrate as they take top honors in this week's CMJ SonicBids Spotlight. With dueling male/female vocals, the Gold Streets deliver both frantic and ethereal sounds, all the while creating rich and dream-like soundscapes. the three-piece act will release an EP, Red, as well as their full-length debut Looks Like Fireflies (8x8), in May." - (Taylor Mason)

"The Big Takeover - Matt Berlyant's Top 10"

Following several years after their debut Lp , 2007’s Looks Like Fireflies, the new EP is another stellar effort. Since their beginnings in 2004, I’ve found it hard not to think of late ’80s/early ’90s SONIC YOUTH or a whole host of dream-pop and shoegazer bands from that same time period and that’s still very much in evidence here and that especially pertains to the first track “Billy’s Dead”, which features singer/guitarist NORMAN VINO on lead vocals.

Overall, though, I think the songwriting has improved and the production has as well. The last track, “Dark Horse “, is a bit of a departure for the group, though, and has “indie dance hit” written all over it. Furthermore, bassist GISELLA OTTERSON and drummer TIFFANY ALMY (who also beautifully harmonizes with Vino, bringing to mind the indie-pop harmonies of the great New York band VERSUS) rev up more dance-oriented rhythms on the penultimate, titular track as well.
- The Big Takeover

"Live Show Review: Gold Streets at Spike Hill, March 28, 2009"

Another Brooklyn trio that finds much success in the male-female vocal dichotomy, Gold Streets, took the stage at 10pm and balanced the indie-oomph of Coyote Eyes with a sound more clearly inspired by Cocteau Twins, or perhaps a theoretical Kate Bush fronted first-album New Order. All three members of the band bring something entirely unique, and essential, to the mix. Tiffany, on drums, has an ethereal quality to her voice that belies her ability to attack the skins with equal parts power and skill. Gizella holds down a hip-shaking bass groove that adds a welcome dance angle to the band’s sound. Norman, on guitar and vocals, has a bit of J Mascis mixed with Bernard Butler to his guitar playing. Which is to say, there’s a lot of ’90s influence in the band’s sound – something that’s never sounded better on them than in their three or four brand new songs they played at Spike Hill on Saturday night. Word is they’ll be headed to Chicago to record some of the new material very soon… so get your yellow-stitched boots all laced up and be on the lookout for brand new Gold Streets goodness in the near future. -

"Musical artists are taking center stage"

What would movies be without music?

Music adds quite a bit to an intense or comical scene. It always sets a mood, if done correctly.

Likewise, what would the Sundance Film Festival be without musical performances? Well, imagine the 2005 documentary "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" without sound bites of Iron Maiden, Dio, Lamb of God and Slipknot.

As has been the case in the past, this year's festival will feature some great performances by upstarts, such as Gold Streets, and veterans, such as Patti Smith. - Desert Morning News

"Hudson RiverRocks Festival"

June 22 06
Fusing funk, dub, disco, no wave, and other vintage vibes of 25-odd years ago, the men of Brooklyn's Brazilian Girls play circles around similar contemporary acts, and front woman Sabina Sciuba is a star and a freak. The fellow Brooklyn peeps of Gold Streets harken back to the days when 4AD was running things, while NYC's Adam Deitch Project updates jazz fusion for hip-hop heads in a Material-istic vein.
(WALTERS) - Village Voice

"Beg Yr Pardon #7 - Gold Streets Interview"

24 Aug 06
We first got to know Gold Streets through their five-song EP, Red. From the opening riff, we were hooked. The “indie rock” label is not inaccurate, but also not fully descriptive of a band that seems to revel in their influences, ranging from space rock and new wave of decades past to alternative rock of more recent years. In the end, though, the sound they achieve is their own and, whether they’re playing an upbeat, dancey rocker, or a more mellow tune, their sound is big. In fact, we were a bit surprised when we first found out the band, with such an expansive guitar sound and propulsive, versatile rhythm section, is made up of only three people — T. Almy (drums, vocals), Gizella Otterson (bass, backup vocals), Norman Vino (guitar, vocals). And guess what: they’ve got a full-length album coming soon, so we imagine their sound will only grow. -

"Gold Streets"

Gold Streets is playing tonight in NYC at Beg Yr Pardon #7. I wish I could be there, it's an excellent lineup and I'd love to check these guys out. They've got a sound that's like an amalgam of bands I love from the early '90s but I can't quite put my finger on any one or two bands that would give you a really good idea of what to expect from Gold Streets. I hear some influence from The Cure and Cocteau Twins but their sound is completely their own. Some bands I'm able to say "they sound like X and Y" but Gold Streets just sound familiar. Like, their sound is theirs and yet is seemingly something you've always been listening to. It's a fascinating niche of groovy bass, spaced out rock, and split male/female vocals which this band inhabits and I like everything I've heard from them so far. If you live in NYC, go see them tonight and report back. -

"City Beat, Cincinnati, OH"

With chugging guitars and dreamy harmonies, this Brooklyn trio makes silk-sweet, atmospheric indie Pop that occasionally shows its teeth. Cute, but hardly vapid, the group’s label debut for 8x8 Recordings, Looks Like Fireflies, was released early this year. Dig it: Mates of State with less keys, more guitars. (MB – City Beat, Cincinnati, OH) - MB

"Gold Streets - Modern harmony-drone sounds"

Gold Streets - Modern harmony-drone sounds touched by the past work of groups like MBV, Galaxie 500, Suede, early Sonic Youth, etc., all topped with haunting boy/girl vocals. - Until Monday: Bklyn

"Here's who you like to listen to"

Go see Gold Streets. Seriously, it will make you a better person, more loving, more caring, more understanding of the qualities in life that should be appreciated. If music could be described as sex, Gold Streets is like sex. Not that lusty dirty Stones kind of Sex, and not that weepy emo-pop "solitary tear in the eye" kind of longing garbage, nor is it that first-time awkward, John Hughes-revealing kind of sex. Nope, not Gold Streets. Listening to Gold Streets play, seeing them perform, is like that fifth date kind of sex. Gleeful and sultry, dirty and giggling and needful and immediate, you can't get your pants off quickly enough. That is it precisely. Gold Streets make me want to take my pants off. —RJ Wafer, Brooklyn, New York - MSNBC - RJ Wafer


self-released EP: "red", LP: "Looks Like Fireflies" (2007), EP: "Go" (2009). currently working on new EP!



Combining thick, textured guitar (Norm) with weaving bass (Gizella) and perfectly shaped drums (T) with alternating boy/girl vocals is Gold Streets' specialty. "The method of composition varies, but it all harkens (sic) back to the days when 4AD was running things" (Village Voice). Fast garnering a place in NYC's musical landscape most certainly unoccupied by others, Gold Streets is fast-paced with occasional moments of dreaminess, familiar and new all at the same time. Featured at Sundance Film Festival's Music on Main, CMJ (2007 - 2011), Northside Music Festival and unofficial parties during the South by Southwest Music Festival, the band is poised to spread their unique brand of sonic dream pop to listeners state-side and abroad. Be sure to check out their EP "red", their debut album "Looks Like Fireflies", and their '09 EP entitled "GO". This 4-song collection finds Gold Streets at a new height both creatively and sonically, blending their own brand of infectious melodies, intense rhythms and dual male/female vocals with booty-shaking yet insanely organic dance beats. Kicking-off with “Billy’s Dead”, Gold Streets’ ode to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest", the band effortlessly weaves together chugging guitars and bombastic bass with the dramatic interplay of Norm Vino’s staccato chant and T Almy’s cooing vocal melodies. If your ass isn’t shaking by the time you get to the final track, “Dark Horse” promises to leave you sweaty with mascara running. A unique mix of equal parts post-punk-disco and dirty melancholic rock, this track will leave you with just enough adrenalin to give the EP another spin.
The band is set to record a new EP this summer so stay tuned.