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"Sled Island"

Swoonable spacey dream pop like whoa! It's hard not to picture Gold as something of a Calgary supergroup considering the pedigree of Kaelen Ohm (Shrapnelles), Rena Kozak (Shematomas), Matthew Swann (Extra Happy Ghost, Astral Swans) and Chris Dadge (literally every other Calgary band?). One of our absolute favourites! - Sled Island Music & Arts Festival

"Hearing Gold, GOLD - Losing Your Hair"

Here’s some dreamy guitar-pop from Calgary’s Gold called “Losing Your Hair”. These fellow Canadians, a 4-piece outfit, seem to effortlessly craft some of the catchiest reverb-drenched ‘jangly’ guitar-pop melodies to date, a feat which is paired with equally lovely female vocal harmonies led by Kaelen Ohm and Rena Kozak. You can find this blissful track on their upcoming 12” EP Losing Your Hair set to be released in June via Mammoth Cave Records. In the meantime you can stream this track and another beautiful track called “Drugs” over at their Soundcloud. - Hearing Gold Blog - Vancouver, BC


I don’t like to complain but when you work literally all day everyday, its hard not to. So when I come home I literally like to do nothing except sit down and write about some music for you fine people. My job becomes a whole lot easier when I find bands like Gold. The Calgary based band give off a shoegaze/ambient sound. Their single, ‘Drugs‘, is exactly what you would listen to after a long day, cross legged on your bedroom floor. Their sweet harmonies mixed with the punky guitars are enough to make your spine chill. Lovecat - Dingus Music Blog - New York

"Gold - Losing Your Hair"

GOLD are a female duo from Calgary, Canada who are about to release a new EP called Losing Your Hair. From that forthcoming offering comes two blissfully melodic tracks nestling in a snug corner of shoegaze-pop. Listen to Drugs followed by the title track below. - Sex Beat London

"Calgary Supergroup as good as Gold"


Gold, a supergroup of sorts including members of Shematomas, Women, the Yukas and Extra Happy Ghost,” played an upbeat set of dreamy, delay ridden, jangly indie pop-rock music to an enthusiastic audience.

The two girls harmonized beautifully and hauntingly as they traded delay heavy guitar riffs, giving them a neo Go-Gos or Bangles type of ’80s pop sound. But their songs had enough of a diverse sound to keep the show interesting.

Their vocal harmonies were simply mesmerizing.
Redrum Triumph, aka Kelsey Jesperson and Steve Foord played a relaxed set of original folk/ pop combining an array of mandolin and guitar with Jesperson’s cello and violin.

They also opened for Shred Kelly the night before. I wasn’t able to stick around for Reuben Bullock, who closed the show.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor -


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