Golgotha Boys Choir

Golgotha Boys Choir


Golgotha Boys Choir are a four piece from Sydney who have a reputation for staging wildly unpredictable and theatrical live shows featuring their eccentric punk/rock songs.


Golgotha Boys Choir formed in late 2003. It all began with a demo tape of several songs which vocalist Steven Fink wrote and recorded in his own bedroom. Influenced by artists such as Prince, David Bowie and Trent Reznor, Fink played all the instruments himself and drew lyrical inspiration from his own traumatic, strict religious upbringing as well as general social experiences. The tape became a blueprint for Fink’s vision to create a band which combined musical elements of pop, rock, punk and metal with suavely fitted suits and dynamic, theatrical live performances. However, the next step was to first find like-minded musicians to help bring the still-unnamed project to life. Through ads placed in local papers Gino Carrapetta was recruited on drums, followed by Ian Shoebridge on guitar, and a bassist appropriately named Sid. The name Golgotha Boys Choir was decided upon because it sounded dark and innocent at the same time, making it a perfect compliment to the dynamics of the music and themes contained in the lyrics.

Many amazing, exciting, flamboyant, chaotic and adrenaline-charged gigs followed. Sid was eventually replaced in 2005 by Justin Min, an accomplished sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist who injected a fresh new burst of energy into the band. Since their formation Golgotha Boys Choir have played up and down the East coast and attracted a rapidly growing fan following along the way. They were also invited to appear at the prestigious Australian Music Week industry showcase in Melbourne 2005. They are currently recording their debut album and making a video for the first single to accompany the album, expected to be released in mid-2006.


Golgotha Boys Choir's Debut album is currently being recorded

Set List

A typical set runs for about 45-60mins
A typical set list would contain around 9 original songs.
A typical set may be wild and unpredictable.