Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Chamber Music for the New Era.


-a duo of misfit classical musicians with an appetite for world music that have cut their teeth in rock bands, world folk ensembles, symphony orchestras and the occasional free improv outlet.

-chamber music for the modern era.

-wrestling with the universal subjects of death and getting laid while playing the cello and marimba.

-madly in love with tango, Bartok, and goat's cheese.

-waiting to make music for you.

-more naked than naked when they wear all their clothes.



Self titled EP - June 2008

Set List

Creation Tango
A list, a wish and a regret
Imaginary Friends
Caliko Skies (Paul McCartney)
Flowers of the Spring
Music Box (Regina Spektor)
Gypsy road
Kalino Mome (Traditional Macedonian)
La Cumparsita (Traditional Tango)
Engine (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Swallows and Sparrows
The End of the World