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Ottawa, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Ottawa, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Rock




"All Whats Rock"

Ottawa based Hip/Hop Rap-Dance artist Goliath Paw just released his latest EP “Canary in a Cola Mine” in 2013. Goliath Paw is clearly an up and coming artist paving his way in today’s music industry. With only two years down as an independent recording artist and no full length project released to the public as of yet, Goliath PAW is considered to be some-what of a prodigy. Already establishing a huge online presence, Goliath PAW has a loyal following of fans he likes to call his “Pawtners.” Goliath Paw has already played in a number of festivals including North By North East. Has headlined for Canadian College and University frosh weeks. Has opened up for/played along side artists such as Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch, Raekwon, Action Bronson, Styles P, and Killer Mike.

With a talent of musicianship, a passion for melodies, a desire to move and a love of experience, his music sets a tone of R&B while keeping you moving like only world class hip hop pop music can. When I dove head first into this production a few tracks “Nine to 5” and “GetAway” were my first listens. These are 8 great splash tracks showcasing the young and in at times your face sound of Goliath Paw. I see Goliath Paw as contender not pretender. He’s an up and comer worthy of you time so click the below link and enjoy his soulful sound and pulsating House-Synth-Pop that can be appreciated by anyone – not just fans of that style of music. He’s definitely a fresh, edgy and undeniable talent. What I like about him is here we have an NORTH meets SOUTH-WEST sound hybrid. Digging deeper “Canary in a Coal Mine” EP is sometimes funny, sometimes intoxicating and sometimes displays the raw power of love and powerful honesty. It will remind you of Ne-Yo, Mario, Jason Derulo, Tyga, Lloyd, Bow Wow, and even Jay Sean. But it also shows you what happens when a true artist has the courage to express music without limitation like DMX, Tech N9ne and Yelawolf. Some song are shining examples of all of the above and will cause you to think, lift your spirits and will even encourage you to tap your foot or take things to the next level.

“Canary in a Coal Mine” EP offers a unique mixture of themes and melodies by exploring elements of Ambient Pop-Rap with an undeniable modern day Hip Hop element. The whole EP provides a very mind blowing, uplifting backdrop to be enjoyed during virtually any activity. Besides the above singles my top tracks include ”Numba 1”, “Drop It” and “Higher”.  Virtually any music fan can find something here they will enjoy. This latest effort from Goliath Paw offers a unique opportunity to get into something special and real, with an amazingly catchy sound. This latest release really sets the mood that will encourage the listener to get out on the floor of life. (The good and the explosive). - Jeremy Koontz

"Indie Artist Alliance"

So who is Goliath Paw anyway? Goliath PAW delivers an edgy and cool clean appeal that’s missing from a majority of rappers these days. Not since Will Smith has a rapper been able to captivate listeners without being degrading or corny. Nick named “Mr.Rock Pop & Hip Hop” Goliath PAW combines his love of classic/alternative rock and mainstream pop, all while adding his own unique style of rapping to the mix. To further set himself apart from his contemporaries Goliath PAW fuses new age Hip Hop fashion with a punk/rock star look. Extremely confident on stage Goliath PAW applies his own Hip Hop swagger while also taking from the personas of great Rock & Roll icons such as Axl Rose and David Lee Roth to put on a show that is uaranteed to be unforgettable.

His latest release, “Canary in a Coal Mine” was recently released earlier this year. I’ve heard my share of rap this year, and most of it is trivial to say the least. Give me something fresh and new within this overly saturated genera please! on “Canary in a Coal Mine” there’s a real sense of cathartic musical independence here via this latest work from Canadian based Singer/Rapper Goliath Paw. While everything here is shall I say exceptionally entertaining, and it also manages to cover a pretty wide range of musical styles. A few moments notably stand out for me in particular. The Lead off track “Higher” – delivering pure grooved magic and an impressive writers touch. While each movement presents straight forward hooky beats the an ambient vocals presence from Goliath Paw – it hangs out stylistically. He’s sometimes playful, other times tenacious aggressive and bold – in your face. Despite his location this 8 track set also has a SOCAL feel to it as the EP hits solid stride. This EP is definitely a modern example of classic urban rap/hip hop and I can also hear acts like Akon, R.I.O, Chris Brown and Nelly between the lines. Ironically Goliath Paw’s style of music is as easy to pigeonhole as you think, however, I suspect many of the previously mentioned bands have had an influence. The Production work is how shall I say – off the chain. The vocal front from Goliath Paw deserves mention and is equally as clairvoyant and compelling. I can’t explain it but he really draws you in and is an exceptional talent overall. “Canary in a Coal Mine” EP has got plenty of cool Chill, Trance-Dance riffing, deep seeded bass that sits down in the pocket like on :Nine to 5” and “Drop It” . Above all it shows just how far Goliath Paw will masterfully navigate with sheer precision through this addictive writing style.

My favorite tracks are as follows; “Drop it”, “Nine to 5” and “Rain” “GetAway”
Criticism: The title of this EP is stupid and rather lame. You can do better than that – how about “Higher”, “Drop it” or “Numba1″ for title tracks?

I also get the impression Goliath Paw is a total riot to see in a live setting. So are you thinking what I’m thinking? Somehow all the above is not compatible with the superficial musical times we live in. Goliath Paw is well-suited and well-positioned for American rap audiences that enjoy world class Rap, Chill, Trance-Dance with roots up north. There are even elements of Ambient Pop and Power Dub here as well. Expect great things from Goliath Paw as his fanbase expands past Ontario this Summer. I believe there’s a detached and disgruntled audience just waiting for him to arrive. Bring on more music GP! - Kelly Moran

"Indie Band Guru"

In the crowded world of rap music an artist must stand out by doing something fresh and listener friendly. If you follow Indie Band Guru at all you know that we love when an artist is unafraid to combine different styles to create something fresh and new. Our latest find Goliath PAW has done just that.

The Canadian native delivers an edgy yet clean rap style infused with heavy influence from the alternative rock and pop worlds. Listeners have been becoming fans at a rapid rate with Goliath PAW establishing a large online following. These new fans have become his “Pawtners” in the spread of his music to the masses. Goliath PAW has been all over the Canadian scene performing at colleges, and at NXNE. He has held his own on stage alongside such hip hop giants as Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch, Raekwon, and Killer Mike.

The recently released EP Canary In A Coal Mine is a perfect introduction to the Goliath PAW sound. The 12 track record features mainstream radio ready tunes that will grab the listeners attention. The opener “Higher” shows the self confidence and speedy flow that Golaith PAW possesses. The lyrics are easy to understand and attempt to teach this self confidence to the listener. “Weirdos Win” is another upbeat track that preaches this swagger. A different direction is taken on “Getaway” which is more mellow tune that tells a story that will pull at your heartstrings. The closer “Numba 1” leaves you with an energetic banger that will leave you bopping your head way after the song is over.

Keep up with this rising star at: http://www.goliathpaw.ca/ -

"Indie Music Digest"

Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) is a collection of songs written and recorded by Canadian urban artist Goliath PAW. Each song promises a story for the listener to follow delivered alongside clever wordplay and a sense of humor. All songs are upbeat with the exception of "GetAway" a slower tune with a deep thought-provoking story. In his own words "By naming the EP "Canary In A Coal Mine" I am sending out a warning to the Hiphop world that I have come to change the way rap music is written, recorded, and heard!" - Goliath PAW

The CD kicks things off with finger snapping “Higher” a prelude of sorts that’s set’s the stage rather with its methodical musical build, feel good groove, impressive rhymes light speed rap delivery meshed with striking musical flow. Track 2 ”Rain” hits hard with no holes barred rap-vocal delivery from Goliath Paw that dishes out a melodic yet hypnotic rap groove with well placed harmonies, solid low end vibe against a grand slam chorus. Track 3 “Nine to 5” gets in your face and doesn’t back down with infectious rap flow and impressive sonic accents. As this CD slowly unfolds I can hear many rap influences reminiscent of classic Eminem, D12, Bad Meets Evil, 50 Cent, Hopsin and even Dr. Dre to Obie Trice. Along the way you can’t help but notice a lot of impressive musical soundscapes layered in the music. The mixing is effective and very marketable packed to the hilt with things like impressive sound effects, well placed keyboard and synthesizer accents, percussive elements, and top tiered sampling and beats that make their point. The beats are thick as a brick providing solid low end punch and impressive high end clarity. You will find everything from clever rhymes, addictive melodies, lyrics that are thought provoking and rap flows that are masterful. Now turning out attention to Goliath Paw he is a marquee talent from Canada and should be treated as such. He's got a very good look and sound. The thing I like the most about his vocal performances is how well he handles himself within each song - sort of like a musical chameleon. Equally as impressive is his X-Factor as he dabbles in several menacing alter egos within each piece. From my personal favorite “Nine to 5” to heartfelt “GetAway” to rocking “Weirdos Win” to think as a brick “Drop it” to invigorating “Buried Alive” this CD has something for lust about everyone. The EP ends with Track 8 “Numba 1” the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.

All songs over 4 minutes tend to drag you to the finish line. Goliath Paw needs to showcase more melodic singing abilities and talent when the time is right on some of his songs. Come-on let’s hear those pipes bro! I also with there we’re 3 or 4 more really hard pieces on the CD – you know REALLY HARD! I Also typically deduct 1 star for EP releases. the full length release is the best and most complete snapshot to judge an artists by at any given point in time. .

Song for song, pound for pound Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) by Goliath Paw is a rock solid musical teaser and proves Canada can rap like nobody's business. Like a heavy weight fighter this EP goes the full 12 rounds and never lets its guard down. It has everything from raw intensify, clever lyrics, to songs that are well crafted that hold your attention span perfectly. As a whole this CD possesses allot of variety and musical versatility. It delivers the typical in your face urban swagger you would expect from a top flight rap release but what's more impressive is the strong production value, infectious rap grooves he brings to the table. I look forward to hearing more from him as his career takes of hopefully this Summer! - Cyrus Rhodes

"Indie Shark"

The Review Goliath Paw is an up and coming rapper from Canada. I encourage you to check out his latest EP Entitled “Canary in a Coal Mine” via the SOUNDCLOUD link (bottom left). His latest and greatest 8 track EP clearly delivers the goods, and some. From the first lines of “Higher” this amazing song line-up slams your senses into submission through the winding emotional twists and turns of some amazing music. “Canary in a Coal Mine” EP is a real life story and examines many different emotions. Whether it’s getting over something, admitting to past mistakes and ultimately learning from them this EP from Goliath Paw showcases an artist with a lot going on upstairs within his musical personality and alter-ego. In his own words: "By naming the EP "Canary In A Coal Mine" I am sending out a warning to the Hiphop world that I have come to change the way rap music is written, recorded, and heard!" - Goliath PAW

This EP takes hiphop and combines it with a heavy pop and rock influence creating a unique sound and style all in its own. Each song promises a story for the listener to follow delivered alongside clever wordplay and a sense of humor. All songs are upbeat with the exception of "GetAway" a slower tune with a deep thought-provoking story. With concepts everyone can relate to, songs like "Weirdos Win" and "Higher" teach self-confidence while "Buried Alive" deals with matters of the heart. The name "Canary In A Coal Mine" is an old saying which today translates to "warning." Goliath Paw reminds me of AZ, The Game. Mobb Deep and Big L. Some songs are about having the courage to look yourself in the mirror, admitting you made a mistake and moving on. Some songs are about love and life the good, the bad and the ugly. Some songs have a serious attitude problem. while others are boldly honest with no illusions, farces or games. Don’t get me wrong, Goliath Paw is also triumphant, positive and musically uplifting. In contrast marquee tracks ‘Nine t 5” and “Drop It” are two incredibly balanced melodies, that slowly reveal more and more abut GP as the EP advances. In this aspect Goliath Paw is kind of even magical, just when you think you got him pegged you are proven wrong. Which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing vocal presence and strong visuals from Goliath Paw. Canary in a Coal Mine” EP is a sort of unapologetic yet positively boastful lament about getting on your feet, minus the cliché self loathing. It's about moving on emotionally and spiritually. Some songs are simple yet know a sure direction by delivering the A-Typical Sonic-Rap conventions. Despite this ultra sonic approach the EP still makes an impression with crystal clear vivid sound that draws your interest right away. The most deadly thing about Goliath Paw is his ability to draws you in based on what I call strong relate-ability. This is a powerful component to Singer-Songwriter-Rap music which is sometimes understated. The bottom Line – Goliath Paw  makes a very real connection. In this aspect GP has much in the way of promise and amazing marketability all along the West Coast.

The Bad: EP Sounds a bit repetitive.
The Ugly: This EP is not up to the level of other world class Rap/Hip Hop Productions. Overall the production level needs more layers and musical depth.

The Bottom Line: Goliath Paw has taken everything good about Rap/Singer/Songwriter and made it his own He has combined many powerful elements of all of the above genera’s and even added a few of his own – Canadian style. "Canary in a Coal Mine” EP is a strongly infused EP that’s lushly textured with wisdom, a touch of sadness, but more importantly a youthful swagger that's to hot to be tamed. - Michael Parsons

"Middle Tennessee Music"

This Canary In a Coal Mine Passes the Test!

It seems like it was this afternoon (maybe it was yesterday, I’ve been pretty busy) that I was boppin around with an old school rap beat in my head. You know the kind of thing that I’m talking about – with horns and guitar stabs and witty lyrics like Jazzy Jeff or Will Smith might have thrown at us back in the day. Yeah… back in the day… things sure were different then… even Weird Al stood a chance with a rap song.
Then this evening, this Goliath PAW kid hits my desk and I thought “what the hell… let’s see what he’s all about.” By the end of the first hook, I was grinning like it was 1984. He’s hittin’ me with those things I was thinking about earlier! Damn!

Leaving the in-the-box beats that fill the space for so many “rappers” out of it, Goliath PAW builds a musical experience to tell his stories. Now, that’s refreshing! Synth sounds that go back to Human League, vocal treatments like EMF, beats from 808 and 909 samples, burning guitars are all treats but they take the back seat to the youngster’s lyrycal talent.
He argues with himself and comes to conclusions. He weaves a tale that doesn’t always go where you think it might. He tackles deep subjects and makes light-hearted jokes, and he does it all with his own unique style.
Speaking of style… there are so many cool elements here, It would be silly to list them. Just know this: it’s been a while since you heard an indie hip hop record like this. Combine Tech 9 with Tennessee’s Ware and add a bit of the trademark BUNKS moodiness and you might have an idea, but you’d better just go spin it yourself, and make sure you’ve got a loud system ready to RoKK! -

"Music Emissions"

Most would agree most popular artists out there have something truly special to give to their fans. This goes above the typical attributes like raw talent, amazing songs, nice voice, or even a very marketable look, sound & image.

Theres something truly infectious at the core of these artists that simply makes us feel good when we listen to them. Whatever it is they all seem to have it. Today I listened to the latest CD from Canadian Rapper Goliath Paw. Venturing to the Internet I get the impression this guy is a diamond in the rough up North and is making quite a name for himself regionally and internationally via his own unique signature sound and passionate messages. He has received much in the way of critical acclaim from music critic everywhere. This latest EP release is just a testament to all the hard work it takes when youre an up and coming artist. Review: From start to finish this 8 track EP from Goliath Paw is a very entertaining and highly diversified musical statement from start to finish. It covers a lot of ground with many Rap, Hip Hop flavors. Any fans of any of these many musical styles will enjoy this latest release from Goliath Paw. Its clearly marketed for those who like the male fronted rap persona of say classic Outkast, Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, and even a splash of Eminem. Goliath Paw holds his own behind the microphone, and is an impressive performer. The plethora of musical professionals he brings to the table (Producers and Performers) only adds fuel to the fire. This along with his marketable flair and impressive performances make for a deadly combination via this fully loaded EP. Goliath Paw is clearly being himself as an artist. Goliath Paw is one rapper that can be powerful yet positive all at the same time. All pieces have an amazing feel and solid production value delivering thick low end groove and crystal clear high end clarity. The sampling and production touches are rock solid and just makes the whole CD enjoyable. All in all one of the best rap productions Ive heard from Canada in a while.

Conclusion: Again I see Goliath Paw as a strong contender with his infectious persona, silky rap flow and amazing signature voice. This latest release showcases some hot tracks no doubt. Each one marketable with their own right. If the masses tap into US audiences it could be like pouring gasoline on a fire. As time goes by he will no doubt see what happens, but in the mean time its nice to know in this saturated market of music there is one rapper out there who remains true to himself. In close most famous artists out there have it Im not so sure what it but Goliath Paw definitely has whatever it may be. - Dale Elliot


Goliath PAW has really got the musical formula spot on for the highly entertaining 8 track EP – “Canary In A Coal Mine”.

“Higher” features powerful vocals and catchy beats that will leave you reeling, his rhymes are dished out at the speed of light.

“Rain” entertains us with a slick instrumental arrangement.
“Nine to 5 is a first class pop tune with great guest vocals but I wasn’t keen on the dub step.

“Get Away” has a classic feel to it with its piano arrangement and heart felt lyrics which have a depth which can be easily related to real life situations.

“Weirdos Win” opens with amazing guitar riffs, which captivate us throughout the song and Goliath PAW and his guest vocalist are lyrical wizards, this duo certainly know how to strike the right musical chords.

“Drop It” is a rock inspired tune but personally I didn’t find it catchy as the other tracks.

“Buried Alive” has a 80s movie soundtrack feel to it, Goliath PAW effortlessly switches his musical styles.

“Numba 1″ like “Drop It” is another Rock inspired anthem but this one features more appealing musical hooks.

Goliath PAW is bringing a edgy and cool clean appeal back to the hip hop and rap genres, the last rapper that could captivate the audience like this was Will Smith.

This talented rapper has earned the nickname of Mr Rock Pop and Hip Hop because of the innovative way in which he fuses rock, pop and his own unique rap style and to further showcase his uniqueness he opts for a hip hop and punk/rockstar look.

Not only has Goliath PAW already garnering a huge online fanbase aka The Pawtners, he has also had performed at numerous music festivals including North By Northeast and also on the University Circuit and if that wasn’t enough he’s also supported and worked with the likes of artists such as Ghostface Killah and Raekwon -

"Rock and Roll View"

Goliath PAW delivers an edgy and cool clean appeal that’s missing from a majority of rappers these days. Not since Will Smith has a rapper been able to captivate listeners without being degrading or corny. Nick named “Mr. Rock Pop & Hip Hop” Goliath PAW combines his love of classic/alternative rock and mainstream pop, all while adding his own unique style of rapping to the mix. To further set himself apart from his contemporaries Goliath PAW fuses new age Hip Hop fashion with a punk/rock star look. Extremely confident on stage Goliath PAW applies his own Hip Hop swagger while also taking from the personas of great Rock & Roll icons such as Axl Rose and David Lee Roth to put on a show that is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Did I mention he comes to us from Canada?

His latest EP release entitled “Canary in a Coal Mine” will get no doubt the blood pumping. First off I get a lot of albums, EP’s sent my way for review and I mean a lot. Most of them don’t do anything for me. They don’t always get placed in the player, but the ones that do usually get 3 a three song stay of execution and generally if they last past that they get a full write up. Sometimes I’m hooked from the first track, and that’s precisely what happened when I put this latest EP from Goliath Paw on. The EP bursts to life with fantastic “Higher”. This beginning track lets it all hang out with his off the top swagger and attitude. The EP doesn’t really back down from there and follows through with an impressive sequence of songs. It twists and turns the way great albums should with a little bit of rap, a little bit of Psychedelic Hip Hop rich in melodic goodness and variety. I especially like how the whole EP just flows song to song. The song line-up is masterful. So many bands and record labels get this basic skill so wrong. They fail to listen to the songs at their disposal and seemingly throw the album together without giving it any real thought. I’ve known people who work to formulas making sure that their best songs start and finish the album with the remaining tracks squeezed between in a slapdash fashion. That’s not the case with “Canary in a Coal Mine” EP. That may be because each track could probably survive on its own merits.

Goliath Paw could be heralded as classic sounding Hip Hop but there is so much more to him. I could be wrong but I hear Proof, 2Pac, Bizarre and The Game. He shines bright on other notable tracks like “Rain” “Drop It” and my favorite “Weirdos Win.” But be advised there is a deeper and darker edge to songs like “Buried Alive” and boldly honest “Nine to 5”.  The interweaving harmonies and strong vocals are a delight, but the solid rhythmical foundation is essential to the artistic and commercial success of any artist. The sound is that of the golden age of popular music in the late nineties, but the beauty of this record is the use of all mod-cons forcing Goliath Paw’s relevance into the modern world. Also present is a lot of musical variety featuring heavy Bass grooves and a vast array of beats, rhythms and enticing sound effects. Goliath Paw has achieved good support so far from marketing media and radio and he appears to be a critical darling up around Ontario. However I am left bemused how he is not yet household name yet here in the US. It’s not a case of all the elements being present but the final product being missing as the songs, the musicianship, the production, and the performance all knit together beautifully. Maybe I’m lucky enough to be in on the ground floor? Maybe things are just about to kick on for Goliath Paw? Whatever the case may be make sure you get hold of this EP entitled “Canary in a Coal Mine” as soon as you can. You will discover Goliath Paw stands alone and is in the class all by himself. - Emily Shanks

"Skope Magazine"

Canadian Rap Sensation Goliath Paw just released his latest EP entitled “Canary in a Coal Mine” in 2014. The result though far from a self-indulgent ego trip, rather a moving and elegiac artistic statement from start to finish. This is not your overly predictable Ramon Noodle “Sing-Songy” Rick Ross rap album. Instead Goliath Paw makes all these tracks his own showcasing tasty rhymes, thick rhythms and an infectious persona that is of the charts. I was amazed at how diverse this EP really is. In Goliath Paw could even be classed as a 3 genera band: Rap, Hip Hop and what I call Hip Hop Pop. Goliath Paw has way too much precision and clarity to live in the shadows of overly-predictable corporate music. Indeed this is clearly evident in songs like “Higher”, “Drop It” and “Nine to 5” which methodically ups the ante to a very respectable level of catchy musical craftsmanship and addictive melody that transcends pigeonholing. The music is also commercially viable with Goliath Paw’s smooth as silk sound baritone that holds the attentions span of the listener perfectly. But do not let your guard down – because when you do you will get exactly what you deserve – served! Goliath Paw also delivers rap at Mach speeds – a dying art and skill. It’s good to this aspect making a comeback. This kid has got mad skills behind the microphone and he can pretty much do anything there. In a nutshell this is Chris Brown meets Eminem. Other notable comparables include K-Skillz, L.A.M.E, Ceej’Bezel, and THR33Z. “Canary” EP appeals to many listeners with a wide variety of musical styles – but it packs a powerful punch with a powerful voice for all the new rappers out there who want something more than the status quos right now.

Favorite tracks: Get Away, Drop It, Numba 1, Nine to 5

Conclusion: I would imagine in time we will hear more from this amazing artist in the near future as his sound evolves. To be honest this is the first “legit” rap artists I’ve heard from Canada. Having said that Goliath Paw has carved a marketable niche for himself both of the border around Ontario on a few of these tracks thus setting himself up for marketable success down the road. I encourage you to check out this EP ASAP Via the below Sound cloud link. But for now I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a musical snapshot that is highly original, unique and dare I say dangerously energetic and synergetic in scope. - Carly Tomlinson

"Vents Magazine"

In our modern age of Rap synths and autotune it can be difficult to find the top seeds among the harvest. What makes masters like Snoop Dog, Nelly, Eminem so sought after? Sure they sound good, they look good, the feel good. But above that they got something else. They got what many in the industry call X-Factor. So what is X-Factor anyway? It’s just something deep within their spirit that breaks the mold when compared to other artists. They stand out in a good way and this transfers well into the hearts and minds of music fans we listening to their music. Where am I going all with this? Canadian rapper Goliath Paw has X-Factor. Now with his very first EP titled “Canary In A Coal Mine” out on the streets Goliath PAW is set to promote it with a cross Canada tour set for March, alongside a huge international Hip Hop artist. As a child, growing up in a small town gave Goliath PAW a unique perspective on people and life which continue to influence his songwriting to this day. His mother, who he considers his hero, encouraged him to join his church and school choir from a young age thus spurring his lifelong love for music. Today Goliath PAW sees himself as a leader and innovator of new school Hip Hop. His fusion of genres and his unique image have branded him as a crossover artist gaining him a lot of fans outside of the Hip Hop world. Everything he has done throughout his life has better prepared him for the star he believes he is destined to be, just as long as he continues to work hard and stay true to himself as a recording artist and a person.

After I listened to the 2 opening tracks “Higher” and “Rain” I was sold right away on Goliath Paw. This true to form rap anthem follows the script well on this EP but the overall vibe is ironically positive and deeply spiritual and meaningful in nature. With the impressively Third track “Nine to 5” and soothing “GetAway” the ”Canary in a Coal Mine” EP keeps it real with this tasty groove that decrees power and ego in a confidence over the masses. What’s more “Drop It” and the closer “Numba 1” offer instrumentally rich sets with apocalyptic messages and thick as a brick low end punch. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an overwhelmingly negative EP by any means It’s got its share of rough and tumble subject matter for sure but other rocked out pieces like Weirdos Win” and striking “Buried Alive” will calm the tormented soul. Canary in a Coal Mine EP demonstrate a deeper side and a sense of hope evident through a transparent exploration of yearning and feeling positive about the unknown. All brought to life with hauntingly detailed synth layers, steady rhythmic pulsation and addictive vocal melodies.

My favorite track “Drop It” stands out as the track that mostly showcases the remarkably crafted and thoughtful nature of Goliath Paw as an artist. On all tracks expect a more versatile vocal range. I can tell he is a good singer regardless of the rap style. All things considered, this is a unique and fascinating EP from a unique and fascinating artist that is for real. It’s nice to know within the ranks if millions of independent artists some are capable of delivering something special that sticks true within their own style and technique. All the while touching an occasionally painfully honest or beautifully simple songs on an EP called “Canary in a Coal Mine”. - C.J. Philips


Canary In A coal Mine


Feeling a bit camera shy


Goliath PAW delivers an edgy and cool clean appeal that's missing from a majority of rappers these days. Not since Will Smith has a rapper been able to captivate listeners without being degrading or corny. Goliath PAW combines his love for Hip Hop and Alt Rock all while adding his own unique style of rapping to the mix. To further set himself apart from his contemporaries Goliath PAW fuses new age Hip Hop fashion with a punk/rock star look. Extremely confident on stage Goliath PAW applies his own Hip Hop swagger while also taking from the personas of great Rock & Roll icons such as Axl Rose and David Lee Roth to put on a show that is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

With only four years down as an independent recording artist, Goliath PAW is considered to be somewhat of a prodigy. Already establishing a huge online presence, Goliath PAW has been featured on over 150 music blogs. With his social media presence growing rapidly, Goliath PAW has a loyal following of fans he likes to call his "Pawtners." Already in his short time as an artist, Goliath Paw has played in a number of mainstream festivals and has headlined for Canadian College and University campus frosh weeks.

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