A duo of misfit classical musicians with an appetite for world music that have cut their teeth in rock bands, world folk ensembles, symphony orchestras and the occasional free improv outlet.


A hauntingly beautiful intense and powerful combination of cello, marimba and female vocals, goli is easy to notice and hard to forget.
Born as an off-shoot of the unique art rock band Fluttr Effect, this acoustic version features Valerie Thompson (cello, voice) and Vessela Stoyanova (marimba, vibes and melodica). Both musicians have strong foundations in classical and world music fusing their influences of Celtic, American and Balkan traditions to create a sound that is original and uniquely theirs.

The music is lush and intricate, rhythmic and playful as they weave rich cello tones and rolling marimba lines with Thompson’s sincere vocal style.
From the cozy coffee shop, to a 20,000 rock arena, to the street corner on a Summer afternoon, goli continues to share their passion for music with anyone with an open mind and heart.


The list, a wish and a regret

Written By: Valerie Thompson

They'll say: "What she lacked in grace she made up in enthusiasm."


goli EP 2008

Set List

We have hours of repertoire including:

original songs wrestling with the universal subjects of death and getting laid.

We are madly in love with tango, Bartok, Celtic music and Balkan music.

We also have one of those drawers full of "other stuff" that would be hard to categorize. You might find the occasional cover song in there as well.