Golly Gee

Golly Gee


Golly Gee is a talented and varsitile artist. He is a Singer, Rapper and also a Songwriter. Golly Gee is also a great performer who has performed with well known artists.


Golly Gee is a multi talented artist from Brooklyn,
N.Y. who enjoys making great music. He is very ex
cited about his upcoming cd release on
Long term records, inc. Golly Gee is the Owner/CEO
of long term records, inc. along with is brother Kanarsie. He was inspired to start the indie label
after reading about such great men like Earl Graves,
Henry ford and Les brown. Musically Golly Gee was
influenced by R&b,hip-hop,gospel and pop music.
Some of his influences range from Marvin Gaye to
the Cold Crush brothers to George Michael.
Golly Gee has performed with the likes of Boogie down Productions, Rob base and Easy Rock, Roy Ayers, Cut master d.c. and Rome just to name a few. Golly Gee been performing and making music
half of his life. What set Golly Gee apart from other
artists is one minute he's doing R&B next minute he's rapping. Next minute he's doing country or jazz. Golly Gee is a very varsitile artist who doesn't
like to be pigeon holed into one form of musical exspection. Golly Gee's goal is to make good music, be a good business man and give other artist a chance to shine.


Long term records, inc. cd single release on Golly Gee
1. " I can't wait!" , " I hear ya!" featuring long term recording artist Kanarsie. (2000)
2. "Get the Cash" , "Toxic"(2003) available at www.longterm-inc.com
Golly Gee also has a new cd single release coming
out shortly.

Set List

Songs to be performed
1." I can't wait another minute" (cover) about 4 minutes.
2. "Be my bride" - original song about 4:20min.
3. "I wanna make love" - original song about 4:40 min.
4. "Romantic" - original song about 5:00 min.
All together I need about 30 minutes of performing time.