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Start with 2 members of Merle Haggard's band, add a groove-maker, a DJ, a rocker, a wild hip-hop gal, plus great songwriters -- and that gives you: Golosio Publishing.


The SONG is the thing! We live to create songs (but also soundtracks, sonics, beats, and assorted organized noise).


Amazed by the Light That is You

Written By: John Scott G

In a daze, when I've lost my place, there is one who lights the way.
In a maze, fighting the rat race, there's one who brightens the day.

Who rescues my heart.
Makes breathing start.
Gives me a new beginning.
Who makes life a thrill.
Makes time stand still.
Keeps the planets spinning.

I am amazed by the light that is you.
I am fulfilled that you make loving true
You are joy that is constantly new
I am amazed by the light that is you.

In the dark, when I'm alone & cold, there is a wicked flame.
When I'm standing at a crossroad, makes it right just calling my name.

Eyes like rainbows.
A heart that ever glows.
Arms full of healing.
On a star we ride.
On a cloud we glide.
And we fly away.


You've got me whirling… falling… twirling… calling out:



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