Gompa sounds like: The Texas Chainsaw family move to Orange County and kill everyone whilst singing Zip-a-dee-do-da. Meanwhile, Carol King is being eaten out by Jaws as Brian Wilson and Corey Taylor watch in amusement over a game of chess.


There is NOONE like Gompa! Of course this is true of all bands, but....

Gompa: A tibetan word for meditation room. Four completely insane guys, highly strung somewhere between the worlds of tender singer-songwriting and thrash metalling; Lots of catchy melodies, lots of screaming, lots of rhythm, lots of 7-string riffs, lots of dharma, lots of strange hooded dress styles. 8 feet in 5 different countries... Check this out!

Gompa was formed by the two lead vocalists, Jake Daniel (Scarborough England) and Maik Pehrsson (Zurich,Switzerland) in London 2001. Both met not through music, but through their mutual interest in the esoteric philosophy of the East- Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. ...

The two brought together a wide and eclectic variety of musical styles and influences. For several years they gigged in and around London, recorded demos and went through various constellations. Then in 2004 they were abducted by aliens and dropped in Stockholm, where they were put in touch with ex-Murlyn Music producer 'Svensson' and mix-master Stefan Glaumann. Together with their dutch bass player Jeroenji Bos, they completed their album-finally- in 2006, 'Editiøn Speziale'.

Gompa's music took some time for the A&R, radio and record company folk of Sweden to digest; A band with two singers, blending influences from The Beatles and The Beach Boys with Korn and Slipknot, lots of Grunge and lots of harmonies- and yet with strong, catchy popsongs at the core. Audiences in and around Stockholm have been less difficult to convince, and Gompa have developed a strong hold in the underground scene there.

Today, Gompa have had two radio singles out. The band are currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of feedback and fanmail due to their current single 'JackKnife', which continues to be played on P3 Rock/Rockster and a myriad student radiostations as well. Millions of young swedish girls in short skirts clammer at the car windows when Gompa drive by. Two members have recently even been hospitalized by hoarding crowds of fans.

The band have just finalised their own company and continue to promote their music on the interactive network. Gigs continue, but sadly two booked festival gigs (one at this years G! Festival in the Faroe Islands and one at this years Rock Am Ring in Germany) had to be cancelled due to conflicting plans this fine summer.
Gompa are in the process of swindeling for themselves a good booking-deal, with which they hope to play more gigs. Currently, the meditative psychobiatches are already in the process of piecing together their next album, which, rumour has it, will be darker, more 'artistically unified' and heavier, softer, louder, sweeter, nastier and cooler and hotter than the first; of course.

It has been hard to break into the radio or TV, their music being, apparently, too diverse to pigeonhole. However within the last two years, Gompa have been shown interest from Universal Records, EMI, Roadrunner Records and Bonniers Amigo; Both Universal and Bonniers even offered the band some loose deals which the G-boyz turned down. Gompa are now looking into licensing deals for their album.


'Planet Blue' Radio single only. Streaming on various sites.

'JackKnife' Radio single only. Streaming on various sites.


'Gompa- D.I.Y.' Demo EP, private sales. 2004
'The Washing Machine EP' Current 5 track EP. Private


'Gompa: Editiøn Speziale' Released through cdbaby.
Several tracks available for
download purchase, all songs available to hear on various websites.

Set List

A typical set list for Gompa is normally a half hour set. This normally includes the following songs:

1.Jack Knife
2.Tranquil Mind
3.Planet Blue
8.Billie Jean (cover)

By this stage, we have a backlog of at least 35 songs. Our longest gig to date was a 180 min. gig in Finland. We played our whole album, lots of our older songs, many new songs, and several covers.