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'Gompa', original release (iTunes only), 2007.

'Meditate on This', final album. Self-release: 2012. Official release later this year.

All songs available to download, stream or buy on our websites.



There is NOONE like Gompa! Of course this is true of all bands, but....

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Gompa: A Tibetan word for meditation room.

Gompa was formed by two guys obssessed with two things: esoteric mysticism and heavy rock music. Jake Daniel (Scarborough England) and Maik Pehrsson (Zurich,Switzerland) started the band in London back in 2001.

The two brought together a wide and eclectic variety of musical styles and influences. For several years they gigged in and around London, recorded demos and went through various constellations. Then in 2004 they were abducted by aliens and dropped in Stockholm, where they were put in touch with ex-Murlyn Music producer Christian Svensson. Svensson had a successful track record in the commercial pop industry of Sweden but had his sights set on rock n' roll!

After completing a top quality 2-track demo, the band went shopping for interest and potential deals. They were noticed and encouraged by several record labels, most notably EMI and Universal Records. EMI wanted to sign them and sell their songs through the popular TV show 'OC'. Gompa turned them down due to the dubious looking contract...

With Universal still showing interest, the band got sponsors and went into a three month recording session with Christian Svensson in the Spring of 2006. Four months later they secured legendary rock engineer Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Clawfinger, etc) to mix and post-produce their album.

By the end of the year the band had the final result in their hands: a stone-hard cocktail of catchy 1960s Pop, low-tuned 90s Grunge and a dose of modern Metal. Twelve songs without compromise.

What followed was a year of extensive gigging all over Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England and Germany, including a Saturday gig at Scarborough's 'Beached' Festival and an appearance at Faroe Island's 'G! Festival'. A promotional agency picked up on the growing popularity and fan base of the band and decided to push their songs for the radio and single release. Both 'Planet Blue' and 'Jacknife', two of the album tracks, received lots of airtime.

As karma would have it, the band came to a grinding halt when one of the members was diagnosed with a bad case of meningitis, another went through a long and arduous family break-up and yet another simply turned out to be an asshole. By 2008, the members had scattered and all seemed over.

...FWD 2011: Front man Maik teamed up once again with bass player Jock and producer wizard Svensson to record six new songs. In the vain of the original album, these tracks went deeper, heavier, poppier and crazier than before. After having Stefan Glaumann re-mix the old tracks in accordance with the new ones, the band re-formatted the album, resulting in a 14-track mind-fuck of a euphonic epicuria bit of sonic genius....!

Now, Gompa have reformed (properly) and revamped their energy. With two members living in the UK and two in Sweden, they are getting ready to push for licensing deals in both countries to begin with. Practically, they rehearse sometimes in Stockholm, sometimes in London or Brighton.

Gompa are, and always have been, a must-see band. With a great album behind them, they put on an incredibly vivid, energetic and manic live show, gaining new fans and reaching a wide variety of music lovers with their diversity and meditative equipoise.