Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop

Have you ever been punched in the face? Well, neither have I... That's why Gon is one of the best rappers to emerge ever since Jay Leno...


Chicago based hip hop artist Gon is on a journey. From the war torn Middle East to the heart of the Midwest, Gon has begun compiling his multifarious cultural experiences with inspiration lifted from the pages of authors such as Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk, and Charles Bukowski, as well as hip-hop artists 2Pac and Nas. The product of which is proving his most valuable instrument to be his perspective.

In 2005, after enrolling in college only to discover music had become his passion, Gon and friends founded Urchin Studios. Intending it
to be a vehicle to release his music, in hopes of turning his hobby into a career.

Initially writing to escape personal demons, Gon’s lyrical approach has developed to include political and social commentary centered on the cause and effect of global warfare. Charted on his first mixtape, "Where the Truth Lies: The Moment Between the Intention and Action”, and the follow-up “Gon With the When”, is the evolutionary process of artistic growth and vision coming to fruition on his next effort “Consider Violence”.


1- Consider Violence - Single Imaginary Door ft. Peter Frank
LP, CD 5/25/2010

2- Gon With The When,Things of the passed
Digital 1/12/2010

3- Where The Truth Lies
EP, 5/11/2006

Music has been played on college radio and online magazine streaming